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Which is better PPC or SEO?

Search Marketing and online marketing professionals will debate for hours (often in rather an animated fashion) about whether SEO is better than PPC or vice versa, how Social Media is the answer to everything, if Google Adwords is your license to print money or to lose it, whether affiliate marketing will take you to the promised land or if you should forget the lot and focus on email marketing. Online Marketing forums, blogs and conferences are often full of people each arguing that their own particular specialism is the only answer you'll ever need and will provide you with a cornucopia of enquiries, prospects, leads and sales. Integrated Search - Click on Image to Enlarge

Zelst believe the truth is that, like most things in life, you need a balance of all things. Every online marketing tactic has its time and place and you can achieve much more when you harness all of your activities together. We call it Integrated Search Marketing or holistic online marketing.

Once you study a Google search engine results page (SERP), like we illustrate here, you'll see how Google displays results from its natural web results, its images search, news search, local search, shopping results and more. Study a user or consumer (as we spend a lot of time doing) and you'll see that, despite all the anecdotes to the contrary, most people click on the result which most matches their need at that time, whether it's a PPC ad, shopping result, image or whatever.

Despite the fact that over 90% of visits to a website originate from a search, users and consumers don't just rely on search engines; they will often visit many different sites (and not just Social Media) to seek out reviews and recommendations before making a decision.

Zelst recognise this and work to achieve the best possible search engine visibility and online representation for your website and organisation using Integrated Search Marketing, making sure you are represented wherever and whenever the people you want to connect with are looking.

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Focusing on what's important for you

A lot of SEO's will tell you how many top 5 rankings they've achieved or guarantee you great rankings for a list of keywords. At Zelst we believe there's no point in getting a ranking for either rankings sake or just for vanity. We look at what's important for your organisation and then focus on that, whether its visitor numbers, enquiries, leads, sales or brand recognition. From understanding exactly what you want to achieve, we'll formulate, develop and implement an online marketing strategy which will accomplish your objectives.

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What is Zelst?

Zelst provide a unique, all-in-one, joined up internet marketing solution for high quality, ambitious companies, both in our home base of Yorkshire and throughout the UK.

By using our specially developed systems and proven methodology, we develop an integrated Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media, Email Marketing, Directory, Comparison, and Link Building campaign to give you an unparalleled advantage in the internet marketplace.

We either work with businesses and organisations on a long term basis to develop their online business and optimise their internet presence or we provide short term consultancy on a project basis.

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