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meet the digital thinkers

We are a leading digital marketing agency made up of strategists, analysts and creatives. And with over a decade of experience, we have built a reputation for delivering success online.

Whilst other agencies tire themselves out in a bizarre competition of who can shout the loudest, we know that it’s a quiet understanding of how to reach the people who matter that pays dividends.

a zest for digital

Our dedication to digital keeps us at the forefront of the latest developments in the marketing world. Oh and we’re not after a quickie. We go to great lengths to forge long lasting relationships with our clients.

creative juices

As well as numerous cups of tea and coffee, there are lots of creative juices flowing in the Zelst office. Crafting a creative solution for our client is what we’re good at and fresh engaging ideas are what we deliver.

nerdy with numbers

We’re a little bit geeky, we admit it. We enjoy trawling data and ironing out any issues so your website doesn’t just look good, it works well too. We’re also good with numbers so know how to choose the right keywords and place the right bids for maximum impact.

honest graft

In an industry rife with bragging and unfulfilled promises, we like to think that our quiet sincerity makes us stand out from the noise. All we do is sprinkle a little Zelst magic, put in an honest day’s graft and the results speak for themselves.

meet your team


Managing Director

As founder and managing director of the company, Peter has a strong, all-consuming passion for online marketing in all its guises. With a wealth of experience behind him, he set about helping other businesses grow and flourish online. He oversees all aspects of client campaigns to make sure everything is in tip-top condition.




Client Services Director

Whenever you have a payment to make or a question to ask about your account, you can always count on Sarah for a prompt and helpful response. Sarah is married to Peter and they have three children. As well as her work within Zelst, Sarah runs her own eCommerce business and is also a qualified Garden Designer.




Account Manager

Sophie is super organised and can’t do anything without her highlighters and checklists, just as well really as she looks after our clients and helps things run smoothly in the office. She works closely managing a number of client accounts and develops targeted, fully integrated digital strategies to help them achieve their marketing goals.




Content, Social Media and Outreach

Saf loves to flex her fingers and craft some great content for our clients on a day to day basis. Perfecting the art of ‘less is more’, her snappy social updates almost always include a bad pun and an emoji or two. Saf also loves a good natter and loves to reach out to the right people to build mutually beneficial relationships for her clients.




Content and Outreach

Carl loves to work with words, and is often found swamped with notepads, post-its and coffee. He is a stickler for detail, and ensures that everything is perfect. Carl finds talking to people to be the best way to get creative ideas flowing, and relishes opportunities for outreach and networking for our clients.




Digital Doggy

Pongo joined the team in 2015 and is a loving addition to the Van Zelst household. After numerous attempts at entering into a career in aviation (he thinks he can fly), Pongo settled into the world of marketing and enjoys chewing paper and being stroked by his adoring fans.