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achieving profitable sales on black friday

How we created a 1,121% uplift in daily sales for our Health and Beauty client and achieved record sales and profitability with an integrated Search, Content, Social, Email and Paid Campaign for Black Friday.

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black friday uplift from average daily sales


average growth in black friday sales last 4 years

multiple of black friday orders compared to a normal day


increase in revenue on normal friday

guess which day was black friday?

Our client was initially reluctant to run a Black Friday Sales Promotion as they believed it might damage their existing sales, cheapen their brand and lead to reduced margins.

Seeing the potential with other clients promotions and the level of sales they were achieving, Zelst pushed our Health and Beauty client to reconsider and suggested a strategy which would appeal to a whole new market, whilst building loyalty with their existing customer base and growing sales and profits

This case study illustrates how Zelst developed and implemented an integrated digital marketing campaign to achieve a dramatic increase in sales over a very short period, without affecting normal sales volumes.


Liz and Steve have an ecommerce business in the Health & Beauty Sector, which they have built from scratch to become a leader in their field. We briefed the couple on the potential for Black Friday sales in the heat of summer 2015 having pitched the idea the previous year.

Liz and Steve were a little reluctant to get involved as they did not see it as suitable for their market and also believed it may cannibalise normal sales, as well as put undue pressure on the business to deliver a large volume of orders in a short space of time, which might otherwise be delivered more manageably over a longer period. After careful consideration, however, they decided to promote a Black Friday offer on just one brand over the 24 hours of Black Friday.


We have worked with Zelst for a number of years. Their willingness and ability to provide strategic direction for our ongoing campaigns make them valued partners . . . . and they are also, really nice people!

All of the Zelst team play an important part of our strategies, as they are all very competent and knowledgeable in their own area of expertise. Our main point of contacts are Peter and Sophie. Both are extremely diligent and completely trust their work ethic. All in all, a great team!

Health and Beauty
Managing Director

the strategy

The offer was promoted via their website, Organic Search by a dedicated Black Friday Offer page, via Google Ads, using a combination of Specific Advertising, Site Extensions, Callouts, targeted products and a Google Merchant Promotion in Google Shopping and through email marketing. This was carefully planned and implemented by Zelst Account Manager, Sophie and our Google Shopping Specialist.

Because of the limited time period that the offer was to run, the promotion required careful planning and preparation, pre-approval of promotions with Google Ads, the use of time scheduling and a countdown mechanism to build excitement.

the result

The result was our client’s best day, ever! The day’s sales beat the previous best ever day by more than double. Because the offer was so good, it opened a whole new market for the company, of buyers who may have previously bought a cheaper product, now able to buy a high-quality product for much the same price. In addition, the company’s loyal customers were given the offer first, further strengthening the strong brand relationship. Furthermore, because Liz and Steve had been able to plan the promotion some time in advance and focused on just one brand, they were able to negotiate exceptional terms, meaning not only record sales but record profits!


increase in traffic on normal friday


increase in orders on normal friday


increase in revenue on normal friday


average annual growth in black friday sales in the last 4 years

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