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Google Shopping Optimisation

By appearing above the natural (unpaid) search engine results, Google Shopping ads offer an excellent opportunity to maximise exposure and reach out to your target consumers. They are highly visible, offer the opportunity to expose your audience to a wide range of your products, showing your product image, name and price together with a link direct to your product and currently provide the greatest potential for businesses to grow their ecommerce sales profitably.

Achieving optimum results for your Google Shopping Campaign is highly complex, detailed and time consuming.  Zelst have been running Google Shopping Campaigns, more or less, from their inception, are longstanding Google Partners and have extensive experience, training and expertise, a commercial focus and a particular set of skills which make us your perfect Google Shopping Partner to deliver outstanding Google Shopping Optimisation.

We will optimise your feed, on page factors, campaigns, product groups and targeting to achieve the optimium exposure, most profitable level of sales and highest return on your investment possible.

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Average increase in conversions for new accounts over last year.


Average Improvement in Click Through Rate for New Clients in Last Year

Average Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) Ecommerce Clients

What is Google Shopping?

When someone searches for a product, Google Shopping selects the items from its database that best match their search query. This database consists of shopping feeds submitted by advertisers, plus relevant products that Google has handpicked from merchants’ websites. Clickable image links of those products then appear to the top right of the search engine results.
Ads are selected based on relevancy, quality and the copy that is used to describe them, plus the ‘bid’ price that is placed on them by the merchant. With diligent Google Shopping Optimisation, advertisers can make sure they’re getting the greatest possible exposure for their money.

Google Partners

Zelst are long term Google Partners, specialised in Search Ads, Mobile and Shopping, with highly trained and experienced Google Certified specialists.

Bing Partners

Zelst are long term Bing Ads Partners, with a team of highly trained and experienced, Bing Certified Professionals.

Facebook Business Ads

Zelst’s highly trained and experienced team of certified professionals will ensure your Facebook and Instagram Campaign will deliver results.

YouTube Advertising

With over 1.9 billion monthly active users and an increasing number of people preferring YouTube over Television, reaching your target audience via video advertising has never been more achievable and affordable. Zelst’s highly trained and experienced team of certified professionals will ensure that your YouTube campaigns get results.

Strong Google Shopping Campaign Performance based on Experience and Expertise

Drawing on previous experience, in-depth research and rigorous analysis, we will help you promote your bestselling and/or high-ticket products whilst limiting wasted clicks on items that are not making the most of your spend.

We will optimise your Google merchant feed to ensure you appear in the most relevant results and you are in front of customers likely to convert. We’ll carry out extensive research to gain a better understanding of your target market, and following submission of your product feed, we’ll monitor and develop your presence on an ongoing basis. This will help you ensure that your brand and products are perceived in the best possible light and that any issues are dealt with promptly, before they become costly or harmful to your business.

The Google Shopping results feature a picture of the product, its price and the name of the supplier. For users, this offers a quick and easy way to search for products online, cutting browsing time and facilitating product comparison. For advertisers, the increased relevancy of the listings results in higher click through rates, lower bounce rates, higher rates of conversion, lower cost per click and a better ROI.

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Featured Case Studies

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How we increased search visibility by 864%, organic search traffic by 5,079% in 3 years, achived 96.2% Paid Search Impression Share and Reduced Cost per Conversion by 85.1%

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