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PPC Audit

PPC campaigns require constant review, optimisation and refinement, that’s a given. However, a PPC audit digs deeper, goes back further and explores every nook and cranny of your account to improve its overall performance.

When you’re crafting creative ads, setting up sitelinks, assigning audiences, reviewing keyword terms and placing bids in your campaigns a “set it and forget it” attitude just won’t do. A PPC audit is a comprehensive analysis of your account and campaigns, to identify any issues which are affecting their performance and expose any areas of potential in your campaign structure, to ensure your budget is being spent in all the right places.

Google Ads is a complex platform which requires regular refinement and optimisation and every choice you make impacts your campaign performance, so it’s important to get it right. A PPC audit highlights areas that require attention and provides information and insight into how customers are reacting to your campaigns.

A comprehensive PPC audit removes wasted spend from your campaign and creates a stronger platform for your service to stand proudly on. Our dedicated team of PPC experts are on hand to give your account the time and affection it craves, so we can make sure you’re getting real value for money.

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How to grow a business through a PPC conversion model

How we delivered a Return on Ads Spend (ROAS) of over 11 for our ecommerce client in the wig industry and achieved over 94% annual sales growth through biddable media.


average organic traffic growth across clients


average increase in search visibility


average revenue growth across clients

How does a PPC Audit work?

A PPC audit can cover any number of issues and every audit is tailored to the individual goals of each business. First things first, reviewing a search terms report will help us to find out exactly what customers are searching for and if the current keywords which are being used are sparking relevant interest. A search term report also give us an insight into potential keyword opportunities and directions in which you can take your campaign.

We then analyse ad content in greater detail. We review your choice of ads and ad inventory, your extensions and how they are positioned on the page. The content of every advert plays an essential role in grabbing the customer’s attention and enticing them to click through to the desired landing page. That’s why we comb through each and every ad to ensure every heading packs a punch and every call to action speaks to the right customers.

Next we take a seat on every landing page and analyse whether we are getting the experience we expect. Landing pages are vital in the conversion process as nobody wants to feel tricked into visiting a page they didn’t want to. We will analyse the picture quality, quantity and quality of content which appears on the page and the relevancy of that content to the ads you have created.

We will review your audience targeting, your bid startegy and bid modifiers, your granualar and account level quality scores; Budget Optimisation; Return on Ad Spend (ROAS); Audience, Location, Demographic and Device Targeting, Biddable Media Channel Strategy and a range of other factors that all have a dramatic effect on the effectiveness and efficiency of your Google Ads or Bing Ads account.

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