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Paid Search Optimisation

Paid ads now dominate the search engine results.

A user today may see as few as just one natural (unpaid) result in a standard, desktop size browser window, although in many searches paid ads monopolise your screen, especially on mobile devices.

Achieving maximum Visibility and Exposure, the top Positions, the best Click Through Rates, optimum Cost per Click, the lowest Cost per Conversion, highest Return on Ad Spend and the most Profitable Customer Acquisitions requires detailed planning, careful account structuring, rigorous PPC management and access to the latest techniques, tools and products.

With years of extensive experience, training and expertise, a commercial focus and a particular set of skills, Zelst are positoned to be your perfect Paid Search Optimisation Partner and deliver the ultimate in PPC Management for your account.


Average increase in conversions for new accounts over last year.


Average reduction in cost per conversion for new accounts last year.


Typical return on investment (ROI) achieved for our clients.

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Paid text ads can be recognised by their green ‘Ad’ icons and appear at the top and bottom of the search engine results pages. PPC (pay per click) advertising is one of the fastest and most reliable ways to get your site found and grow your business. However, it’s also easy to get lost in the crowd and many advertisers spend a small (or very often quite large) fortune with little or no return.

Your paid search account provides vast amounts of statistics and data which, with consistent and skilled monitoring, analysis, management and optimisation will produce amazing results and a sensational Return on Your Investment. Recruiting Zelst’s expert eyes and experience to manage your account ensures relevant traffic is driven to your site, your brand is present at every key moment when your audience needs to connect with you and you achieve a higher return on investment (ROI).

As longstanding  Google Partners, Zelst have access to the latest tools, innovations, products, skills, expertise and thinking from Google. We use this to ensure that our client’s Ads accounts achieve the best results possible, using the most appropriate strategy, tactics, innovations and products to achieve their objectives.

Google Partners

Zelst are long term Google Partners, specialised in Search Ads, Mobile and Shopping, with highly trained and experienced Google Certified specialists.

Bing Partners

Zelst are long term Bing Ads Partners, with a team of highly trained and experienced, Bing Certified Professionals.

Facebook Business Ads

Zelst’s highly trained and experienced team of certified professionals will ensure your Facebook and Instagram Campaign will deliver results.

YouTube Advertising

With over 1.9 billion monthly active users and an increasing number of people preferring YouTube over Television, reaching your target audience via video advertising has never been more achievable and affordable. Zelst’s highly trained and experienced team of certified professionals will ensure that your YouTube campaigns get results.

Strong Campaign Performance based on Experience and Expertise in PPC Management

As an official Google Ads partner, you can rely on us to run your paid advertising in an efficient manner that helps you get the most from your campaigns. Using the latest analytical tools, we’ll continually monitor, adjust and manage your campaign to maximise ROI. We’ll research your target customers, figure out how they are searching for you and tailor your PPC campaigns to suit.

Everything from the keywords that we target, to the copy used in ads and on landing pages will be carefully customised to optimise for conversions, and, once live, we’ll keep a close eye on your campaigns and eliminate any activity that falls short of achieving your goals. Not only does this ensure that your pay per click advertising delivers the best possible results; it also helps create a model of what can be achieved for each and every pound that you spend.

Optimising your account ensures there is low wastage across your campaigns and that you are squeezing every bit of potential from your budget. Creating a healthy balance of keywords which offer value and volume, together with creative advertising and a boost in brand awareness ensures a growth in online presence from PPC without breaking the budget.

If you need assistance with your current or next PPC campaign, let’s start a conversation.


Featured Case Studies

Take a look at some brief examples ofour work. For more detailed NDA covered case studies, please get in touch

Achieving Profitable Sales on Black Friday Case Study

How we created a 1,121% uplift in daily sales for our Health & Beauty Client and achieved record sales and profitability with an Integrated Search, Content, Social, Email and Paid Campaign for Black Friday

Achieving market leadership in construction

How we increased search visibility by 864%, organic search traffic by 5,079% in 3 years, achived 96.2% Paid Search Impression Share and Reduced Cost per Conversion by 85.1%

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