Bing Ads Management

Many digital marketers question why use Bing when there’s Google? However Bing’s lower competition provides an opportunity to harvest high ROAS conversions alongside your Google Campaigns. 

Bing is a dark horse in the search engine industry with many advertisers underestimating its ability and overall reach. By tightening and refining your Bing account, your click-through will improve which will lead to a higher rate of possible conversions.

Bing reporting shows trends and statistics each month so you know where to improve to send your Bing account in the right direction.

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Average annual organic traffic growth across zelst clients


Average increase in search visibility across zelst clients


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How does Bing Ads Management work?

Understanding how to optimise and manage Bing advertising is something which we pride ourselves on. Our Bing accredited professionals will research your current keywords and compare them with other relevant search terms to seek out opportunity and provide clear focus for your account. Once we have structured and detailed keyword list, we will begin creating ads to make sure you stand out from your competitors.

Our research strategies will provide us with key information on your target demographic and allow us to tailor adverts to appeal to those customers. We will monitor your account closely and update and refine where appropriate. Landing pages will be optimised to reduce your bounce rate and conversion tracking will be put into place so we know what works and what doesn’t.


PPC (pay per click) advertising is one of the fastest and most reliable ways to get your website found.


Bing Shopping Optimisation offers an excellent opportunity to maximise exposure and reach out to even the least internet-savvy of consumers.


Display Advertising is incredibly useful for many businesses. It allows you to reach new, unfound customers and tell them about your product or service.


Digital Remarketing is designed to recapture the attention of customers who came close to converting but for various reasons left the buying process.


Optimising your account ensures there is low wastage across your campaigns and that you are squeezing every bit of potential from your budget.


Managing your account effectively leads to a more efficient campaign increasing your click-through rate and conversions.

Bing Partners

Zelst are long term Bing Ads Partners, with a team of highly trained and experienced, Bing Certified Professionals.

Google Partners

Zelst are long term Google Partners, specialised in Search Ads, Mobile and Shopping, with highly trained and experienced Google Certified specialists.

Facebook Business Ads

Zelst’s highly trained and experienced team of certified professionals will ensure your Facebook and Instagram Campaign will deliver results.

YouTube Advertising

With over 1.9 billion monthly active users and an increasing number of people preferring YouTube over Television, reaching your target audience via video advertising has never been more achievable and affordable. Zelst’s highly trained and experienced team of certified professionals will ensure that your YouTube campaigns get results.

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