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Google Ads Mangement


With Google accounting for over two thirds of overall searches, Google AdWords remains the top dog as an advertising vehicle for your business. However, setting up a campaign without further management will not guarantee success. When left unattended or in the wrong hands, your AdWords account can spend money irresponsibly and burn a hole in your pocket. Google AdWords Management is the continual monitoring of your campaigns to reduce wasted budget and increase conversions and ROI.


We know that money doesn’t grow on trees (unfortunately!) so we manage your account to reduce wasted budget. Managing a Google AdWords account successfully relies on a well thought-out strategy and researching your account from top to bottom. We nurture your keyword lists, searching for any trends or opportunities to ensure your product or service will be found. The structure of your account also needs to be in ship-shape so we create tight ad groups and focused campaigns to make sure your account runs smoothly and efficiently. As a certified Google Partner, we have the knowledge and experience to make sure your AdWords account works to its best potential. We want you to rest easy knowing that your account is being carefully monitored by an expert pair of eyes.


Without Google AdWords Management, you may as well be placing your money into a shredder (and no one in their right mind would do that)! Managing your account effectively leads to a more efficient campaign increasing your click-through rate and conversions. If you want to aim higher, improve your companies search position, increase ROI and create a more successful and customer friendly website, the first step is with effective Google AdWords Management.
PPC PPC (pay per click) advertising is one of the fastest and most reliable ways to get your website found.
GOOGLE SHOPPING OPTIMISATION Google Shopping Optimisation offers an excellent opportunity to maximise exposure and reach out to even the least internet-savvy of consumers.
DISPLAY ADVERTISING Display Advertising is incredibly useful for many businesses. It allows you to reach new, unfound customers and tell them about your product or service.
DIGITAL REMARKETING Digital Remarketing is designed to recapture the attention of customers who came close to converting but for various reasons left the buying process.
PAID SEARCH OPTIMISATION Optimising your account ensures there is low wastage across your campaigns and that you are squeezing every bit of potential from your budget.
BING ADS MANAGMENT Bing is a dark horse in the search engine industry with many advertisers underestimating its ability and overall reach.

Does your account need a bit of TLC?

We can tend to your account as if it were our own.
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