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Paid Search Account Optimisation



Paid Search Account Optimisation describes the process of improvement and change to your pay-per-click account, ensuring your budget is being spent in all the right places. If you chuck all your budget into an account which hasn’t been lovingly optimised you’ll see it disappear very quickly with not alot to show for it – haste makes waste. Your paid search account provides statistics and data which requires consistent monitoring and management. Recruiting expert eyes to monitor your account ensures relevant traffic is driven to your site, so you can achieve a higher return on investment (ROI). With multiple campaigns, thousands of keywords and numerous ad groups to manage – structure is key. A coherent account structure controls how you want your ads to be triggered and where and when you want them to appear. A well-structured campaign also results in higher quality scores so you can achieve the best results at the lowest price.


To optimise your account we will first establish your business goals and product focus and use this information to build and structure your campaigns. We will research popular search terms, monitor your high performing keywords and weed out the low performing ones. Knowing which areas are key to focus on will enable us to allocate your budget accordingly. We get to know your account inside out, managing it on a day to day basis to ensure a canny cash flow. Downloading search terms reports will help us find out exactly what your customers are searching for and give us an insight into potential keywords and directions in which we can take your campaign. We will remove any waste from your campaign and create a high performing platform for your service to stand proudly on. We have dedicated PPC experts on hand to give your account the time and affection it craves to ensure you are making the most for your buck.


Paid Search Account Optimisation is vital in making sure your account is worth its weight in gold. Optimising your account ensures there is low wastage across your campaigns and that you are squeezing every bit of potential from your budget.
Creating a healthy balance of keywords which offer value and volume, together with creative advertising and a boost in brand awareness ensures a growth in online presence from PPC without breaking the budget.
PPC PPC (pay per click) advertising is one of the fastest and most reliable ways to get your website found.
GOOGLE SHOPPING OPTIMISATION Google Shopping Optimisation offers an excellent opportunity to maximise exposure and reach out to even the least internet-savvy of consumers.
DISPLAY ADVERTISING Display Advertising is incredibly useful for many businesses. It allows you to reach new, unfound customers and tell them about your product or service.
DIGITAL REMARKETING Digital Remarketing is designed to recapture the attention of customers who came close to converting but for various reasons left the buying process.
GOOGLE ADWORDS MANAGEMENT Managing your account effectively leads to a more efficient campaign increasing your click-through rate and conversions.
BING ADS MANAGMENT Bing is a dark horse in the search engine industry with many advertisers underestimating its ability and overall reach.

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Let our experts optimise your PPC accounts and help you achieve a return on your investment.
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