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Read our latest 2020 Organic and Paid Search Growth Highlights at Zelst here.

It’s already been a busy start to the year at Zelst, but we wanted to take a moment to recognise our fantastic clients and the growth we have helped them achieve over the past year.

Looking Back on another Year of Growth with Zelst

Of course, each year brings its own challenges and hurdles to overcome, but together with our clients, we like to face this head-on to help our clients achieve the best growth possible

During the year six of our clients came to us for help with their online visibility over the course of a site migration. One client needed help with a disastrous site migration that had been performed by another SEO agency whilst another needed support after their web developer had accidentally deindexed their website.

2019 also brought the election during a peak e-commerce trading period, the uncertainty of Brexit and Google made significant algorithm changes that affected a huge number of SERPs. If that wasn’t enough, another client experienced a barrage of negative reviews which turned out to be orchestrated and funded by a competitor, whilst two other clients’ websites took the hit from downtime caused by issues with their hosting platform.

In spite of all of this, we’ve still been able to help our clients achieve the impressive growth they deserve. We’ve summarised our clients’ growth and ROI through SEOcontent and biddable media.

2019 Client Highlights

Whatever 2019 threw at us, our priority remained the same – to help our clients be seen and get found online. To demonstrate the growth for our clients from the last year, we’re pleased to share the following figures:

  • The average organic traffic across our client portfolio grew by 56.7% despite six migrations during the year, and all the other factors mentioned previously
  •  Search visibility, based on the percentage of clicks from organic ranking positions of a target keyword list, for our clients improved by 83.9%
  • Top 3 rankings increased by, on average, 23.1%
  • Overall average revenue, across our clients, grew by  81.63%
  • Average ROI was an incredible 321.1%

Biddable Media (PPC and paid media)

Our Google Ads and Bing Accredited biddable media team has gone from strength to strength in the last year, securing excellent ROI, CTR and conversion rates for our clients. The following figures are an overview of improvements we have made for our clients through biddable media and paid campaigns, some of which were taken over from clients’ previous partner agencies.

  • During 2019 we achieved an average Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 10.23 for our eCommerce accounts, across a range of challenging markets, meaning that every pound spent has generated £10.23 for our clients
  •  The average e-commerce conversion rate was 3.92%

After taking over accounts from previous agencies, we helped our clients achieve:

  • 360.6% improvement in Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  •  A 256.23% increase in Conversion Rate
  • An 86.97% reduction in Cost Per Conversion
  •  148.9% improvement in Search Impression Share
  •  A 106.24% improvement in Click Share

What Does the Start of a New Decade Hold for our Clients?

2019 gave us the opportunity to connect with some exciting new clients in the following sectors:

  • Food and beverage
  • Travel and tourism
  • Oil and energy
  • Leisure
  • Designer bathrooms, kitchens and tiles
  • Speciality beds

We look forward to working closely with these businesses, helping them to flourish over the coming months and years. In response to these additions to our already thriving client portfolio, we also expanded our team to enhance our joint skillset even further. We maintain our ethos of focusing on each of our clients, analysing their individual needs and working closely with them to help them flourish. Part of this philosophy is only working with one client per sector to ensure we focus our efforts entirely on them, and there is no conflict of interest.

We are continuing to expand our team this year and will be welcoming new talent and skill to help us deliver the best services and ensure our clients can be seen and get found. With each year that passes, our passion, commitment and motivation grow, and we are excited to put in hard work for our clients and see them reap the benefits of their successes over the next 12 months.