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2020 Search Marketing Performance Achieved for Zelst Clients

To say that 2020 was a challenging year might be understating it a little. A global pandemic, the virtual closure of whole economies across the planet, furlough, the move to working from home for almost everyone who still had a job and a year when the world turned to the internet for news on Coronavirus to the exception of almost anything else for a time. Added to this backdrop, a number of our clients at Zelst, had to pause work with us when their business virtually disappeared overnight, whilst other companies stopped all spending, as they battled to conserve cash, in the face of a constantly changing and somewhat panicky environment. In the midst of all this, six of our clients upgraded their websites, as they migrated from Magento 1x and other older platforms to newer platforms, with the usual challenges that this entails. If that were not enough, Google also dropped in a couple of big core updates, which certainly shook things up a little.


Coronavirus Searches 2020 on Google Trends
Coronavirus Google Trends

Looking Back on another Year of Organic and Paid Growth for Zelst Clients

SEO Highlights

Throughout 2020, even with everything that happened, our priority remained the same – to help our clients be seen and get found by the people that matter most to them. To demonstrate the growth we achieved for our clients from the last year, we’re pleased to share the following figures:

  • The average organic traffic across our client portfolio grew by an incredible 330% despite the pandemic, lockdown, six migrations during the year, and all the other factors mentioned previously
  •  Search visibility, based on the percentage of clicks from organic ranking positions of a target keyword list, for our clients improved by a whopping 178.83%
  • Top 3 rankings increased by, on average, 16.6%
  • Overall average revenue, across our clients, from Organic Search grew by 283.89%
  • Average ROI was an incredible 195.6%
  • We saw a whopping 279.67% increase in Organic Search Generated Goals (typically sales or leads)
  • And a 243.11% increase in the Organic Search Goal Conversion Rate
Biddable Media (PPC and Paid Media) Highlights
Biddable Media (PPC and paid media) Highlights

Our Google Ads and Bing Accredited biddable media team has gone from strength to strength in the last year, securing excellent ROI, CTR and conversion rates for our clients, with a managed spend for the year up by just 2.84% but traffic up by 32.27%, and Revenue generated up by 30.85%. The following figures are an overview of improvements we have made for our established and new clients through biddable media and paid campaigns, some of which were taken over from clients’ previous partner agencies.

Our client performance highlights over 2020 for both established and new accounts (which we took over from other agencies) include the following:-

  • During 2020 we achieved an average Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 9.02 for our eCommerce accounts, across a range of competitive and challenging markets, which means that for every pound spent, £9.02 was generated for our clients
  • The average e-commerce conversion rate was 4.02%
  • A 52.49% improvement in Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • A 45.4% Reduction in Cost Per Click (CPC)
  •  A 45.04% increase in Conversion Rate
  • A 67.45% Improvement in Cost Per Conversion
  • An 18.63% improvement in Search Click Share
Client Strategy Meeting

What a Year

The Zelst team well and truly smashed it for our clients in 2020 but what about the year ahead?

The world of Search Marketing never stops and the pace of change is ever-increasing. This year we continue to invest in the training, professional development and upskilling of our team, with the intention of providing an even better set of results for 2021, achieving a whole new set of our clients’ objectives and delivering an even better service.

We took on a number of exciting new projects in 2020 which we hope to continue to grow throughout 2021, whilst undertaking some equally exciting new work and challenging projects.

We continue to expand our work with Google and Bing but we are also growing our Social Media work quite considerably across all channels.

As well as growing our clients’ businesses, we are also looking to continue to grow our agency in 2021, so if you or someone you know, are looking for a highly experienced, totally committed, results-focused Search Marketing Agency that will help achieve your objectives and take your business to the next level, we’d love to talk to you.