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Whether advertising through Google Ads or social media, implementing video ads into your marketing strategy can be an effective way to engage audiences and build brand awareness. In addition, increasing competition over Google Ads keywords is driving up the cost of more common search campaigns, making them more expensive to run. Google video campaigns, in comparison, are a lot cheaper with an average cost per view of £0.08 – £0.24 (depending on industry). Facebook video campaign advertising boasts a 6.01% engagement rate on average (2% above average rate for all Facebook posts), with 45% of people watching over an hour of Facebook or YouTube video content every week. There are lots of benefits to investing in video ad campaigns, and these are 3 key reasons as to why they are beneficial, if not essential, for your business:


Brand Awareness

Google video ads are predominantly displayed on YouTube, which has over a billion users with more than 500 million hours of video being watched on the platform every day. This gives advertisers the potential to reach a massive audience and grow their brand awareness quickly. With Facebook video ads, not only are you able to reach a large audience but the social components of the platform mean tagging and sharing video posts can also assist marketers in expanding their brand awareness to new audiences and potential customers. 

And it’s not just awareness and visibility, video also helps readers retain the message you are trying to convey via video. According to SRMailing, “research shows that video viewers retain up to 95% of a message in a video, as opposed to just 10% of text”. So, not only are you able to reach more potential customers with your voice, they’re more likely to remember you when they are ready to make a purcahse, if they saw a video of yours. 


As well as building brand awareness, video ad campaigns can also be useful for informing audiences and providing demonstrations or detailed explanations on products or services. Video ads are usually best at achieving this as the added audio and visual elements provide marketers with the opportunity to relay the information in a more engaging way and in a shorter amount of time. Audiences also tend to retain information and remember messages more with video content compared to text, with 97% of marketers saying video has assisted users in developing a better understanding of their products or services.

Lead Generation

Video ad campaigns could be considered the allrounder when considering marketing campaign types and their purposes, with the ability to generate leads and conversions as well as build awareness. They can help to nurture leads further down the line, with nearly 50% of online users looking at video ads or content for a product or service before visiting a store for it. They can also be effective in improving overall marketing results as 64% of social media users will buy a product after watching branded videos, and 52% of marketers claim that video content offers the best ROI.

As with any type of marketing however, it’s not as straightforward as simply adding some video content into your current marketing strategy and waiting for the results to appear overnight. Whatever your business goals are, video campaigns need to be implemented and targeted correctly with engaging, high-quality content in order for them to achieve positive results and meet their purposes effectively. If you are planning to include video ads into your marketing and require assistance in implementing these campaigns, please feel free to contact our specialists today, or read our blog for additional digital marketing information.