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Paid advertising is not exactly a battle by any means, however it is very competitive. Different industries are in a constant battle to rank higher than each other and ultimately get in front of potential customers and display their ads in the most effective ways.

But how do you develop an effective AdWords strategy?

One of the best ways to do this is by having an in-depth and creative bidding plan that works for you.

The following beginner’s guide to effective Google Ads bidding strategies in paid search account optimisation will explain both how to start placing the right bids and how to successfully prepare for a profitable bidding strategy.

Have a Clear Goal in Mind

Objectives are key.

Whether its clicks, impressions, views, calls or those all-important conversions you’re aiming for, knowing your goals and what you want to achieve is vital. The first step to effectively bidding in paid advertising is to establish clear objectives.

Questions to consider…

  • What do I want to gain from paid advertising?
  • What will most benefit my business in the long run?
  • Once my goals are set, what do I need to do to achieve them?

Prioritise what’s important to you, and you’ll be able to create an effective Google Ads bidding strategy that’ll help you achieve success in your paid advertising campaign.

Know your Target Market

Identifying the target market that you intend to reach with your bidding strategy is vital if you want to reach relevant people. Identifying your target market will also help you identify your goals and begin to effectively bid on different keywords and products.

So, how do you find your target market?

There are lots of tools you can use to identify your target market. You should start by asking yourself who the ideal customer for your business would be. Once you have a rough idea in mind, we would then recommend using the demographics tab in Google Analytics. Armed with these two key bits of research, you can then discuss with clients in order to create buyer personas.

Be Versatile

Utilise all touch points!

Paid advertising does not stop at just text ads and appearing in Google searches. Having a versatile, integrated approach towards paid advertising is the most advantageous way you can reach key customers and achieve your goals. These include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Display & YouTube advertising
  • Google Shopping campaigns

By utilising all touch points in paid advertising, this allows you to reach potential customers where they are most likely to be, as using a combination of different advertising tools allows you to much more effectively position your brand in front of your target market.

Something else to keep in mind is that, as Google is always changing and adapting, it’s best to stay versatile so that you can adapt to the changing Google times. The most recent change concerns the Google Ads interface, which was updated with the aim of increasing efficiency and time-effectiveness.

For more information on Google AdWords and the changes implemented in the last year, read our blog post on the new AdWords Interface and how this has impacted account optimisation.

Business Strategy and Chess

Be Strategic

Once you’ve set your goals, selected your target market and chosen a varied list of advertising platforms, it’s time to get strategic!

As with any war, to be successful in the battle of the bids, you have to plan your attack carefully.

The strategic aspect of bidding in paid advertising is crucial in effectively implementing your bidding plan and achieving your goals. It allows you to keep to a desired budget, and ensure that you are not over-bidding on keywords and products that are costing too much.

Be strategic; keep monitoring your bidding.

Finally, Implement Your New Plan

Using Google AdWords without implementing a plan can be a complicated and costly process. Competition is high and businesses are constantly fighting to have their ads appear first and stay on top in paid advertising.

Whilst it’s up to you to create effective AdWords bidding strategies for your paid advertising campaigns, hopefully this guide will help you to do so!

And if you do require a little extra help, our Google Certified Partners are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in this domain (with the badges to prove it). You can rely on us to provide effective Google AdWords management for your business, and help you to monitor each aspect of your paid online activity. If you’d like any additional help or advice with your next campaign, contact our team today or read our blog for further digital insights.