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Not many brands utilise video marketing on Instagram to their fullest despite the multitude of benefits that it can bring. Not only investing in ad campaigns can increase your brand awareness, but it can also convert viewers and followers into sales. With the numerous video formats Instagram offers and the growing popularity of video content, simply posting a photo isn’t enough anymore. If you’re interested in diversifying your content and the benefits that Instagram video marketing entails, our list of Instagram video marketing tips runs you through the major advantages available.

Types of video marketing Instagram opportunities:

  • Instagram Video
  • The newest of video formats on Instagram, Instagram Video was introduced in 2021 and aims to replace IGTV and ‘in feed’ video posts. The two have been combined to make room for Videos, which can be posted just like regular images. They live in a separate Video tab on your profile and can be up to 60 minutes in length. Much like a regular static image post, you can add your favourite filter to them, tag your friends, geotag for location and add a caption. For long-form videos, you’re able to create a 60-second preview which will be seen in-feed.

    The specs:

    Length: 3 seconds to 60 minutes

    Maximum file size: 30MB

    Maximum frame rate: 30fps

    • Instagram Live

    Instagram Live lets you live-stream to your followers in real-time with the built-in Instagram camera using your phone. In the light of the pandemic and remote working, Instagram Live has been used 70% more year on year. Videos such as live streaming workout classes, bake-a-longs and celebrity interviews provided entertainment on the dullest days. Live streams can last for up to four hours and can be hosted by one or two accounts. Live videos only exist for up to 30 days afterwards.

    Live videos are great for engagement as viewers are able to live react with comments and emojis, making it a great platform to conduct Q&A’s on. Live Shopping is integrated so relevant products appear at the bottom of the page. Additionally, a donation integration can be used.

    The specs:

    Length: up to 4 hours

    Format: recorded via Instagram camera

    • Instagram Reels

    New and taking over, Reels are another one of Instagram’s latest video endeavours. Similar to Tik Tok, 15-30 second video clips are used for snappy, entertaining content that’s created with the intention of going viral. Reels support effects including AR filters, green screens, music and more. Much like Instagram Video, Reels also give you the option to add a caption, hashtags and product tags. Additionally, Reels have their own dedicated tab on a user’s profile.

    The specs:

    Length: 15-30 seconds

    Format: vertical orientation of 9:16

    • Instagram Stories

    Created to rival Snapchat, Stories are 15-second videos that disappear after 24 hours. They appear at the top of the screen, with your most engaged profiles appearing first in the line. Stories have many capabilities including filters, tags, stickers, emojis and more. Additionally, Stories allow users to link to websites – formerly ‘swipe up’, it has now changed to a link button. Bloggers, journalists and influencers alike use the link feature to link to Stories or affiliate products. After the Story has expired, users are able to save their Stories into ‘highlights’ which appear on the users profile, underneath their bio.

    The specs:

    Length: up to 15 seconds

    Maximum file size: 30MB

    Maximum aspect ratio: 191 x 100 or 90 x 160

    With so many video formats to choose from, we’re certain that video marketing on Instagram is an avenue which will yield you better engagement and visibility. For those who are hesitant about the benefits of video content, we’re here to share our top 10 Instagram video marketing tips.

    Top 10 Instagram video marketing tips:

    1. Instagram is the best place to get discovered

    With over 1 billion monthly active users and 500 million active daily users, you have access to a vast audience that might not otherwise see your marketing efforts. Did you know that 90% of people on Instagram follow a business? Introduce your brand, showcase your personality or offer product run-throughs using video to engage with new audiences. Using video marketing on Instagram can help to appeal to hesitant buyers and lead customers from the consideration phase to the decision stage.

    2. Engage with your audience

    Showing a smile and a friendly face helps users to connect with your brand on a more personal level than simply funnelling bleak adverts into the ether. Video marketing on Instagram can help to humanise your business, leading to more engaged, loyal customers and a positive community. Post a Reel introducing the founder, do a Q&A with the social media team on live or post a teaser Story of your latest product drop to excite and engage. Ensure that you use captions where relevant to guarantee that your video content is accessible to all.

    3. Convert your viewers into sales

    93% of marketers stated that they acquired a new customer thanks to a video on social media. Additionally, a Facebook survey states that 1 in 3 Instagrammers had become ‘more interested in a brand or product after seeing it on Instagram Stories’. Video allows brands to show products in fun and exciting ways, through tutorials, outfit styling, cooking content and more. With video being a much more dynamic format than static imagery, users can see how a product moves, behaves and looks in more detail than an e-commerce website shot. A well-informed consumer is more likely to make considered buying choices, resulting in higher value customers that return time and time again.

    4. Video content gets the most engagement

    Video marketing on Instagram is an undervalued asset. Quintly, a social media analytics tool, conducted research into the engagement disparity between formats on Instagram. Video received up to 21% more engagement than photos, however, photos are still the most popular format to post and share. Our biggest Instagram video marketing tip is to take advantage of the engagement opportunities video content brings. If you’re after an increase in metrics that matter, video is your friend.

    5. Instagram is shifting towards video-first

    Want to stay ahead of the curve? Now is the right time to invest in video marketing on Instagram. A study revealed that 32% of people look at a brand social media account before visiting their website. If social is your users first port of call, make it as engaging and personable as possible. Instagram video marketing offers you an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and make a great first impression.

    6. Video marketing on Instagram has a long shelf life

    Along with increased engagement and increased sales, the opportunity for increased visibility is also available. Using the Explore function on Instagram, users can see popular videos, namely Reels, for weeks, or even months, after it’s been posted. If the reel has consistently great engagement and views, Instagram will keep re-publishing it, keeping it in the eco-system for longer, resulting in increased brand awareness and visibility for much longer than static posts.

    7. Opportunities for repurposing across platforms

    There’s no use in creating a fantastic piece of content if you’re only going to post it once on Instagram. A great Instagram video marketing tip is to keep it alive for longer by posting it across various platforms and formats. If you posted a reel a week ago, consider posting a teaser or synopsis of it in Stories. Alternatively, post it on Tik Tok to access a new audience. The greater the reach of your video, the larger the ROI will be. Pay once, reap the benefits forever.

    8. Video marketing on Instagram is growing in popularity

    The average social media user spends up to an average of 53 minutes on Instagram a day in 2021, compared to 30 minutes in 2020. This aggressive spike in platform usage may be a result of the pandemic, however, it still is no surprise to us that users are more glued to their phones than ever. Consumers expect brands to deliver exciting and entertaining content in order to keep them interested. In a world so fleeting, video helps you to hold a user’s attention, meaning their eyes are on your brand for longer.

    9. Use short-lived Stories to your advantage

    Want to advertise a 24 hour sale or a limited promotion? Stories are the perfect place to advertise content that isn’t evergreen, or doesn’t suit your feed aesthetic. Additionally, offer your social followers early access to sales. This will encourage users to interact with your video marketing on Instagram more, leading to increased engagement.

    10. Expand your email database

    Collecting emails via live videos is one of our favourite Instagram video marketing tips. Advertise a Q&A Instagram Live whereby users can send in their questions in the hope of being answered. In doing so, request their permission for them to share their email and bingo, your email database has just doubled. Email marketing is an important tool that can be used alongside your social activity to create a well-rounded marketing campaign.

    The most important Instagram video marketing tip to remember is to create content that is engaging, relevant and contextual. Your audience will only engage with what their interested in, so use your resources effectively in order to create videos that your audience will be excited to view. If you require help with planning a social media strategy that integrates video content, check out our blog for advice, or our article listing our top 20 social media tips. For a more detailed discussion on how we could help grow your business on social media, contact us today.