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It’s safe to say that Google Ads currently has the lion’s share of the search engine market. However, Google Ads being the dominant platform for paid marketing doesn’t mean this is the only platform you should invest in. Bing now holds 34% of the search engine market share for desktops worldwide, and with Bing’s reach quickly building it’s well worth utilising Bing Ads alongside Google Ads and incorporating it into your paid marketing strategy.

Bing Ads Marketing Reach

Microsoft-owned Bing has three different search engines: Bing, Yahoo and AOL, and when advertising through Bing Ads the Bing search ads can appear on all of these search engine results pages. Although Google is the prominent search engine and Google Ads is highly favoured among marketers, Bing is seeing 23% year on year growth in search marketing and currently has over five billion searches carried out per month by 136 million Bing users.

The key point as to why consideration of Bing advertising is important is that Bing Ads has a reach of 63 million online users that isn’t reached by Google Ads. Therefore, by using Bing ads you have the potential to not only increase your reach, but also to advertise to new and unique audiences that are overlooked by other marketers using only Google Ads.  

Key Benefits

1. Lower competition.As many marketers tend to favour Google Ads over Bing Ads, there is generally less competition with Bing Ads, meaning you can expect to bid less for keywords and see a lower cost per click (CPC).

2. More impressions above organic search. Bing will show more ads at the top of a search engine results page, meaning it is easier for your ads to appear in prominent positions.

3. Greater and more specific control. Bing Ads allows marketers to work at a more granular level and optimise individual ad groups in a way that can only be done at campaign level within Google Ads.

4. Higher CTR: The average click through rate for Bing Ads is roughly 50% higher compared to Google Ads.

5. Better ROI: Bing Ads tend to achieve similar conversion rates to Google Ads despite lower CPC, meaning that advertisers often see a higher return on investment with Bing compared to Google.

Bing Vs Google?

It is important to remember that Google Ads is still a very effective marketing platform with a much larger reach than Bing Ads, and neither one should be preferred or implemented over the other. Instead, Bing Ads should be considered as an addition to your current marketing strategy, and combined with Google Ads and other marketing channels in a way that will allow both platforms to work together. In doing so this offers advertisers new opportunities and potential by increasing your reach, and by marketing to additional and unique online audiences that cannot be achieved through Google Ads alone.

If you require any assistance on implementing Bing Ads within your current marketing strategies, or for optimisation of your current Bing Ads campaigns then contact our Bing certified specialists today, or read our blog for further digital insights.