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Peter’s Blog Star Date 29th May 2015

In which I bemoan the demise of an icon of the Internet age and muse about buy buttons and site moves.

Last week I had a shocking start to my day, when, on my daily constitutional login to Google Webmaster Tools, I was greeted with….. A new name! Google Search Console of all things.  There was I, thinking I’d woken up in some parallel universe, or logged on to the wrong place or this was some ghastly late April fool but sure enough, soon sitting in my email inbox was an email from Google announcing the rebranding of Google Webmaster Tools, together with a blog post on the Google Webmaster Blog. Will this now change too, I wonder?


Bye Bye Webmaster Tools via.amazeemetrics.com

When something’s been such a part of your daily life for so long, it’s quite a shock when it changes.  Admittedly the name did sound a bit archaic, a bit 1990’s, flashing green screens, hairy, black t-shirted blokes  in windowless rooms and all that stuff, but when you’ve known and loved it and it’s not there anymore. Well, actually it still is there and underneath the new name it is pretty much exactly the same as it was the previous day, and they haven’t changed the urls or even their entry on the Google SERP but hey!


Hello Google Search Console

It’s been pretty busy this week, as it has all of this last month, with no less than 12 client site moves currently occurring or imminent. The rapid changes in technology and the move to mobile have obviously played a part in this but moving a site is a massive SEO project, and takes up a lot of time, resource, planning and brain power.

Even a move from one version of a platform to another requires a lot of thinking about and when you move from  platform to platform, the impact multiplies. I do think a lot of website owners often overlook the impact small changes can have on SEO and don’t consider what we believe are really important issues when greeted with the prospect of an all singing and dancing new site. Fortunately we bang on about it so much that most of the people we work with now understand but it’s still a lot of work!

This week Google announced their plan to put a Buy Button on their search results page. Not sure what the EU will make of that with their action against Google Shopping but……..   At present, they’re only talking about adding it to mobile search, which I can see the value of, but it will get interesting.

The excitement of the week in the office has been Sophie’s impending departure on holiday for 10 days bronzing, boozing and whatever else you get up to in Corfu, for which we are all extremely jealous of. Meanwhile, Matt has been getting more and more like Kirstie and Phil each day, as he continues his search for a new luxury pied a terre in downtown Harrogate.

Anyway, lots to do, so until next week…..