I know what you’re thinking, we’re a leading digital marketing agency so you may think this post is just going to be a schmoozy sales pitch of why we’re so great.

But, every agency is going to say that, aren’t they?

So let’s keep it educational and explore the different types of digital agencies out there and how to pick the right one to deliver online growth of your business.

Different Types of Marketing Agencies

First things first, before you choose your digital marketing agency you need to know exactly what they offer. Generally speaking, digital marketing agencies tend to provide services for the different marketing channels available for online businesses but here’s more of a detailed breakdown:

The Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

The full shebang, this agency is usually bursting with designers, developers, creatives, analysts and technical nerds all under one roof. This may seem like the right fit for most as they cover everything from the creation of a website right through to the maintenance of your marketing channels.

These agencies also tend to be a lot bigger and as they “take care of everything”, you may be inclined to go with the all inclusive package that a full service digital marketing agency can offer.

They do have their positives however, there are a couple of factors to be aware of at the consideration stage. If they are a smaller full service agency and the cost seems a little too good to be true, it could be a warning sign. It usually means that either the design or digital marketing could be compromised and one is more of an “add-on service” rather than a service provided by dedicated professionals in that particular area.

For example, they could really be a design agency but offer “digital marketing” as an extra service once the website project is complete. Although this may feel like a good fit as it’s a “stick with what you know” scenario, think of it this way: Would you let a car manufacturer design a beautiful car and maintain and repair any engine damage once you’re on the road? No, because the latter is a mechanic’s job.

It’s the same with a digital marketing agency, essentially (sticking with this metaphor…) digital marketing is the engine behind any website and as digital marketing professionals, it’s our job to ensure it’s always in optimum working order.

To summarise,


  • Works for businesses who want a new website and have an in-house team who can handle the digital marketing thereafter.


  • Some full service agencies don’t have the in-depth technical knowledge required for each specialism and either the design or the marketing is compromised.

The Single Channel Marketing Agency

At the other end of the spectrum is the specialist agencies. These agencies tend to deal with one channel specifically and generally don’t take the multi-channel approach. For example, the single channel marketing agency could be a social media agency, a biddable media agency or an outreach agency.

These types of agencies are usually very good at what they do, they’ve stuck with what they know and only focus on that, upselling to additional services is not really their thing.

If you are a business who already works with another agency or has a capable in-house marketing team who need a bit of extra help; a single channel agency could be perfect.

A single channel agency allows you to deal with a team of specialists in one particular area who can get you visibility via one specific channel which you feel needs some TLC.

To summarise,


  • Great for businesses with smaller budgets and want to work on a project basis.
  • Perfect if you’re looking for an additional agency to boost visibility via a particular marketing channel.


  • Not the right type of agency to take care of your online visibility as a whole. Businesses often require a multi-channel strategy to ensure they’re visible in all the right places.
Multi Channel Digital Marketing Agency

The Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Agency

At the core of any multi-channel digital marketing agency is strategy. These agencies focus on multiple channels (biddable media, SEO and content for example) but ensure they have specialists within each area to build visibility in the right channels, intelligently integrating them to drive online success as a whole.

According to NG Data:

“23% of marketers report not having the time or resources needed to develop and execute multi-channel campaigns”.

The case may be true for a lot of in-house marketing teams, full service agencies, freelancers or single channel agencies. However, multi-channel agencies ensure there are experts who specialise in each channel, devoting time, knowledge and experience to their campaigns, building  visibility and leads in exactly the right places.

They also understand how all channels work together to create a cohesive strategy that helps businesses be in the right place at the right time in front of the right people in the digital marketplace.

To summarise,


  • Great for businesses with medium to large budgets and want to be visible online, in the places that matter to their customers.
  • An innovative, transparent, results-led approach to digital marketing. A multi-channel digital marketing agency can develop an integrated, targeted strategy to achieve business goals and maximise the return on investment.

Disadvantage (kind of):

  • Not the right type of agency for businesses who want to have input on what their digital marketing should look like. These agencies tend to know their stuff so it’s all about trusting their expertise and waiting for the results to follow.
Multi Channel Marketing

I did promise no cheesy sales pitches but I will conclude with this; don’t be fooled by jargon-filled presentations without any data to back them up when considering potential partnerships.

We have an unblemished track record of growth which allows our clients to reach their potential and fulfil their online goals. So when we meet a business for the first time, we listen to their objectives, ambitions and history and we tailor a strategy to suit. Because, just like people, every business is different so no two strategies should be the same.

We also believe in the success of a multichannel approach as digital demands different ways and different platforms to digest content in order to have a multifaceted approach that delivers results. That’s why we create and develop bespoke inbound strategies, monitoring metrics that really matter to you.

Get in touch with our team to find out more about what our digital marketing agency can do for your business.