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Digital Marketing and the Olympics

On Friday we saw the Olympics kick off with the opening ceremony. All be it was at midnight and I can’t imagine many of us stayed up to watch it. But never the less the action is fully underway. You cannot help but be taken in by the drama of it all. How many times a year do you find yourself screaming at the telly for the Rhythmic Gymnastics?


Marketing the Olympics

It goes without saying that when it comes to the Olympics, marketing is a big job. Whether it’s companies sponsoring the games or trying to get bums on seats, millions are spent to get it right. It’s arguably the biggest sporting event in the world, celebrating fitness, healthiness and what the human body can actually achieve… McDonalds anyone?mcdonalds rio 2016Digital Marketing and the Olympics

What does the Olympics mean for Digital Marketers? For those lucky enough to be involved with the Olympics or the sponsorship, a swarm of social media posts and blog posts will be flooding out of Rio. But what could the Games mean for digital marketers across the world. For retailers we could see sales increase. The term ‘Inspire’ gets thrown around at an Olympics more times than a javelin. Whether it’s cycling, running gear etc. people are likely going to be looking to buy some equipment.

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If you’re an inspired young sprinter then there’s likely only going to be one manufacture to turn to if this man takes 100m gold for an incredible 3rd time. Digital marketers will be keeping a keen eye on which athletes succeed and which sports create the biggest stories.

The Olympics can improve people’s general happiness. Seeing athletes win gold medals can make people feel good about themselves, especially if that athlete is from their home nation. What does happier people mean? It can lead to more enquires, orders and quotes. I think lot of businesses will want to see a positive knock on effect from the Olympics. As digital marketers we have to be ready and prepared for what will hopefully be an exciting few weeks. And with the Paralympics just around the corner the excitement just keeps coming.

Here at Zelst we will be keeping a close eye on all of the latest digital marketing trends and what impact the Olympics will have on the digital world. If you have any questions about what we can do for you feel free to contact us.