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Digital marketing agencies must have two things: knowledge of the digital landscape and the skill of multi-tasking. With so many clients to look after and so many different areas of digital marketing to monitor and develop, having the right tools to help us deliver the results our clients are looking for is essential for our overall success in a competitive market. Here are just a few of the tools we use to help us stay ahead of the game:


Hootsuite is a social media management tool that helps us organise all our social media activity for our clients. As a digital marketing agency, we have many clients to look after, and in return, many social media accounts to run. Hootsuite is a great platform that allows us to schedule social media posts, as well as view analytics of how each social media account is doing so we can make insight-driven improvements at any given time.

With the easy-to-use scheduling tool, we are able to plan posts weeks in advance without having to manually write a post on each social media platform. Scheduling our social activity saves us valuable time which in turn gives us the opportunity to develop new strategies and campaigns and post reactively to trends and related news stories.


Ahrefs is a tool used by many digital marketers. The dashboard allows us to see a snapshot of all of our client accounts with useful statistics such as organic keyword performance available at a glance. Ahrefs is great for competitor analysis as it gives key indicators as to why our client’s competitors are ranking highly and the steps we can take to outrank them.

We can quickly identify the “quick wins” for each client by finding which page isn’t ranking as well as it should be. We can then investigate the different factors which could be causing this, such as insufficient links or content value and length. We are also able to filter any stats or research and export them so we can organise and keep track of any changes made to a client account.

AdWords Editor

AdWords Editor is a must have tool for any agency who specialises in PPC management. AdWords Editor allows us to make bulk edits to paid campaigns so we can more efficient with our time. We can download all of the information we need from AdWords then make multiple changes in a matter of seconds. For example, if we have multiple locations that we need to exclude across a number of campaigns, we can quickly and easily achieve this with the bulk editor.

The interface is simple to use and the ad preview feature means we can review and visualise what the advert will look like on a SERP. Google AdWords Editor also helps us to keep working even when we are out of the office. We can download our campaigns and make changes whilst we are offline, so we can easily work on the go, whether that’s commuting to a client meeting or working remotely from home.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is a great tool for analysing our client’s SEO strategy and monitoring the overall visibility of our clients in search engines. With weekly and monthly stats to work with, we can use performance data and insight from the Moz platform to make improvements to the campaign and track these changes week by week and on a monthly basis.

Moz provides us with invaluable data which pinpoints why a client’s landing page may not be performing as well as it should be in the search results. The detailed keyword ranking reports help us to track the performance of our client’s core terms so we can prioritise our optimisation efforts. As well as giving us the data we need, Moz also provides actionable insights and opportunities to improve our client’s search engine visibility. With Moz, we can ensure that our clients are always ranking above their competitors’ establishing them as leaders in their field.


QuickBooks is a valuable tool for any digital marketing agency trying to manage their own finances. Investing in online accounting software saves us time each month by easily tracking cashflow, sending invoices on the go, and tracking VAT automatically and all in one place.

QuickBooks works with all devices and easily integrates with all our favourite apps to help us stay connected. You can also explore other accounting options such as Excel, Sage, and Xero to find a tool that aligns best with our own business goals.

With so many strands of digital working cohesively to contribute to an overall online strategy, it is integral that digital marketing agencies have the right tools in place to perfect the art of multi-tasking so we can deliver the right results that exceed client expectations.