Otherwise known as inbound or incoming links, backlinks are hyperlinks which are coming in to your website from another place on the internet. They are really useful as they give google a good indication that your content is popular but we always recommend quality over quantity as too many low quality backlinks will look like spam (not the tinned kind).

A blog is a collection of content which appears independently or as an extension of a company website to provide more valuable content around a subject matter. A blogger is someone who is a regular contributor to a blog and blogging is the act of writing a post for the blog.

Brand Identity
A brand identity is the personality you present to the public. The identity will represent your company values, services that you provide and the ideas you present. Done well, a strong brand identity can build loyalty and trust from your readers and potential customers.

Buyer Personas
Knowing who you are writing your content for is vital. A buyer persona is an example profile of the person you are writing to so you can speak to their specific needs and tailor your content to their requirements.

Editorial Calendar
Editorial calendars are really handy for content strategy. They are used to control the process of creating content in a structured and managed way. An editorial calendar can chart deadlines for a piece of content from the initial idea, right through to publication.

If a customer engages with your content it means they have had a meaningful experience when coming across and reading it. Engagement in your work means your reader wants to be actively involved with it – perhaps via a nice little comment on how much they enjoyed reading it or a share to pass on a wealth of information to their family and friends.

Evergreen Content
Just like the beautiful green leaves that grace those lucky trees throughout the year, a piece of evergreen content is useful and looks good whenever you read it. They provide lots of SEO value so are a content marketer’s best friend.

A combination of information and graphic. A pictorial representation of content designed to present information in a visually engaging way.

Keywords are the bread and butter for creating an effective content strategy. We use a carefully researched target keyword list when crafting our content as we know we will be creating content that is useful and valuable to our intended readers.

Keyword Tool
A useful piece of software that helps us marketers find out what keywords people are searching for on a monthly basis to help us write relevant content using keywords people are actively looking for.

Long Tail Keywords
Using three or four keywords in one very specific phrase which is also very specific to your product or service. Using long tail keywords ultimately leads to your readers finding exactly what they were looking for.

Otherwise known as lead generation, a lead defines an enquiry into a company’s product or service. Producing high quality content with a consistent tone and style should lead to a higher number of quality leads.

Optimised Content
Writing optimised content is the basic foundation for any effective content marketing strategy. Optimisation is a form of writing that helps to make your website or blog more visible to search engines such as Google and Bing. Using keywords and phrases in your content that people are actively searching for will help your content appear higher in the search results.

Search Visibility
Search visibility is combination of the search volume and the positon of keywords that you are ranking for. Software which shows us how visible you are in the search results for certain keywords or phrases helps us determine what keywords we need to target in order gain a higher search visibility in an organic search channel.