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Google is Cracking Down on Pop up Ads 

Annoying Pop up Ads

We’ve all experienced the annoying pop up ad at some point. They can lead to some very bad user experiences, especially when you can’t find the ‘x’ button on one of them. Or when you find the ‘x’ button but just narrowly miss it, which then sends you through to the ad. Man that’s infuriating.

If you’re just about fed up with pop ups ads then have no fear, Google is updating its algorithm. Pop up ads have always been a problem for Google, they’ve always tried to cancel them out. However people have always found a way round Google’s best efforts.


Google Algorithm Changes

Google have claimed the new algorithm that should be rolling out by 10th January 2017 will have a major impact. Sites will have to be careful about their pop up ads as it may have an effect on page rank. In particular, Ecommerce sites will have to be wary when using pop ads to promote special offers.

What to Avoid

Google have expressed particular areas where they want to crack down on.

  • An intermediary webpage that had to be dismissed before the main content could be seen.
  • An ad that filled the web browser’s screen so users had to scroll down “below the fold” before they could see the material they wanted.
  • Pop-ups that covered part of the main content when the user clicked on to a page.

Google have said that they will make some exceptions. Pop-ups that alert readers to the use of cookies are still permissible, for example, as are ones that require log-in details to let visitors get behind a paywall.

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