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Like any responsible business, we have been watching the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) situation unfold and have been reacting to events and announcements on a daily, if not hourly basis.

This pandemic is an unprecedented situation and one that nobody knows how it will truly develop. The shocking escalation of impact in China and Italy and the speed in which it occurred has been extremely worrying, and we hope that the measures that have been put in place now will contain the spread and consequences of the virus.

The health, safety and wellbeing of our team members and clients during this crisis is paramount, and we have put in place a variety of measurements and processes to ensure this.

Our team

We invest a significant amount of resources in finding, recruiting, training and developing our team, a team we are really proud of. We believe it is essential that we remain equally committed to them during these challenging times.

We are certain that the strength, quality and commitment of our team are crucial to the long-term success of our business. That’s why our clients need this team as much now, during this pandemic, as when it is over, and things return to normal.

Our clients

We believe it is essential that our clients remain highly visible during the crisis, not only to ensure that they are seen and found by the people that matter most to them but to reassure the world at large. Organic Search is a live, competitive space with hundreds and thousands of sites fighting for rankings, visibility and your traffic and audience. If your website is not actively moving forward, you will fall behind, so staying on top, even increasing your SEO efforts is essential for both the present time and for when the recovery comes.

We are on hand to help our clients in any way we can through this crisis. Whether that is extra efforts to improve visibility, reallocation or reassignment of budget to reflect the differing priorities of the situation, help with brand or client communications, in fact, anything that is required.

We’ve written a 7-step guide on How to be Seen Online During COVID-19 to help businesses survive through the outbreak and come out stronger on the other side.

Measures and processes we have put in place

We have put a range of measures and processes in place concerning Covid-19 Coranavirus situation and have assured all of our clients and stakeholders of our commitment and ability to support them and their businesses fully.

All staff have been advised to follow, and have been briefed on, government guidelines, updated guidelines, advice and recommendations, including increased hand hygiene and disinfecting of objects such as laptops, screens, mice and desks.

Although the majority of our team have been working from home since Tuesday march 17th, due to the latest lockdown measures, we have now closed the office temporarily and we will all operate from home.

All face to face meetings with clients and other stakeholders have now been stopped, with sessions now conducted via Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

All team members are equipped with their own laptops and have remote access to: –

  • Our servers and shared files where we store our client information.
  • Our SEO, Content, Biddable Media and Social Media software and tools.
  • Cloud-based email via G Suite.
  • Our cloud-based project management and workflow system.
  • Our cloud-based video call, phone, messaging and virtual meeting/teleconferencing system (G Suite).
  • Our cloud-based calendar system (G Suite).
  • Mobile phones, which we can patch through via our cloud-based Voice Over IP (VOIP) telephone system.

We believe we are fully capable of and are committed to supporting you as a team from any remote location.

These are unprecedented and uncertain times, and we need to remain calm, act responsibly and, as the adage goes, not make a drama out of a crisis.

It’s now more important than ever to be seen and get found by the people that matter most to you