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What We’re Advising Ecommerce Clients to Do This November and December

Even before this Saturday’s announcement about the 4-week lockdown starting from Thursday 5th November, we’ve been expecting November ecommerce sales to break all records. The closure of non-essential high street shops for 4 weeks starting Thursday is only going to make this even more likely and potentially trigger an even larger migration of business from offline to online.

From what we’ve seen over the past few years, the growth of online retail sales has dramatically outperformed traditional bricks and mortar Christmas sales. Furthermore, the Black Friday phenomenon has resulted in November now being a far bigger month for most non-perishable/non-essential products than December. Add into this a November payday falling just before Black Friday, an increasing willingness to shop online after the spring lockdown closed traditional outlets, significantly improved online offerings by many retailers as they switch focus online, a realisation that face to face giving will be significantly reduced this Christmas, and now the government’s closure of all non-essential shops and you can see what is going to happen.

November Sales

We are advising all our eCommerce clients who can handle an increase in business and fulfill significantly more orders, to considerably increase their November Paid Search/Biddable Media budgets, in order to meet demand. From what we saw in the spring and early summer, the potential increases in sales are substantial and we are anticipating strong Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), as we saw in the earlier lockdown.

We are also suggesting that clients earmark decent budgets for December in addition, as the lockdown may well be extended but, even if not, we believe people may be increasingly reluctant to venture out and certainly not in the same way that they have previously.

If you would like to discuss how much should you spend on Google Ads this Christmas and what ROAS you should expect, or just how you can increase your Christmas sales, please get in touch with Zelst now.