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What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO, is the optimisation process that takes place in order to make sure that a site shows up in local search results. With searches becoming more and more frequent on mobile devices, then local SEO helps the user to find relevant content to their location and needs.

For example, if the user is in Harrogate and wants to order a pizza, a well optimised site for local search will appear that is close to the user and for a business that sells pizza. With the right use of SEO on your website that allows a search engine to establish that the content is relevant to the local search and using other tools such as google places for business then you can monopolise the search engine results page for relevant queries in the local area that match the services or goods you offer.local-seo

Why Is Local SEO Important?

As far back as 2011 around 40% of search queries had a local intent – something which has increased due to a growth in mobile devices being used for search. Research shows that the number of searches done via mobile devices is constantly on the grow and as such people are using these devices to find goods and services local to them. If you don’t put the effort into local search then you are missing out on huge opportunities.

What Local SEO Achieves

There are a number of things that undertaking local SEO work can achieve, some of these include:

  • Local Exposure – this is the most important benefit of local SEO. Being able to be found in the local area by someone that wants the type of service your business offers is a huge way of getting new customers. Making sure you have social media profiles, a google places for business page alongside your website can help monopolise the real estate of the search engine results page – something that is even more precious on a mobile device due to the smaller screen.
  • Partnerships and local link building – one of the most common traits of local SEO, is a number of local businesses helping one another out in terms of link building and creating awareness of each other.
  • No wasted exposure – if you are paying for an ad in a newspaper, on radio or a billboard etc then this is an expensive investment – local SEO avoids this, as you are creating content relevant to what your potential customer may be looking for. So if you have a product or service someone is searching for, they come to you if you have done things right.
  • Cost of acquiring new customers is lower – by optimising you website, creating content and using social media, the exposure your website gets which brings in potential new traffic is something that can be achieved at very little financial cost if you create useful, relevant content that is tied to what you have to offer and offers value to the user
  • Huge potential – statistics show that roughly only 10% of businesses have claimed their google places for business page. Therefore this is a huge opportunity to make sure that you claim your page and establish your online presence in the local area. This means your business shows up on google maps so you can be easily found!

Local SEO is hugely beneficial for your business, especially as search becomes more and more individualised and personalised. It is wise to put effort into being ahead of the curve, especially relative to your competitors, so that you develop into a trusted presence online and can be fund by potential new customers.

Zelst are SEO experts, contact us today and see how we can help you reap the benefits of a local SEO campaign in order to help you be found more easily, and win new customers.