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6 Quick Fire Questions with Charliecharlie-photobooth

  Our resident athlete, Charlie loves to be outdoors whether he’s playing tennis or cricket but what else does Charlie get up to when he’s not creating targeted Google Shopping campaigns? Here we get up close and personal with the athlete and find out a little more about the man behind the tennis racket!   Name: Charlie Job Title: PPC and Google Shopping Specialist What’s your favourite movie? Rocky because the soundtrack is awesome. Whenever I go for a run, I always picture myself as Rocky. If you were a super hero what powers would you have? I would have super strength so that I could pick up girls, invisibility for personal reasons and Spiderman’s powers because who wouldn’t want to be Spiderman? What would be the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery? I would go skiing for a month then put the rest on red. If you were gay who would your life partner be? Easy, Ryan Reynolds! If you ruled your own country, who would you get to write your national anthem? Cee-Lo Green, he’s a national treasure. Why did you choose to work at Zelst? I chose to work at Zelst because it is a growing business. The freedom to create your own projects means it is a great and inspiring place to work. I haven’t looked back at all.