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Conversion Product Page Optimisation

Ecommerce sites can spend a small fortune on getting people to their product pages. Whether it’s through; SEO, PPC or Email campaigns, people can become so overwhelmed with these factors that they forget the most basic things.

The product page is where a consumer will ultimately decide whether they want to buy your product. This is an area that is often over looked when it comes to improving conversion rates. It’s easy to criticise a Google Shopping campaign or an Email Campaign when the product page could be the underlying issue. Here we will look at a number of factors that can help improve your sales once you have got people to your page. Our guide to Conversion Product Page Optimisation.


It’s so important that you get your images right. You don’t want to leave any doubt with shoppers. They want to clearly see that this is the product they a looking for.

It goes without saying that you should be using high revolution images, a consumer doesn’t want to see a blurry product image, this breaks down trust.

Using high resolution images also has wider advantages. For example if you use Google Shopping, higher quality images have been proven to perform better.

The recommended image size is 800 x 800 pixels.

Make sure you have a number of images from different angles. Also an image of the product in use, with clothing having a model wear the product is a great way of showing off your product.

The more you show of a product, the more comfortable a consumer will be of converting.

I’d love a chat with someone

It’s often commented that millennials don’t like to use the phone anymore. Which is probably true. Why would you want to go through the effort of being transferred through departments when you have a simple question?


Having a live chat on a product page is a great way of building consumer trust. Allowing consumers to ask questions with a quick response is a great feature for a product page. And not that difficult to do.


Everyone likes a good review. Reviews are a great way of removing consumers anxiety. If you see a Five-Star review then naturally you are more attracted to that product.

Whether you use your own reviews or use a third party review service such as Feefo, it’s easy to set up and looks great on a product page.

Title/Product Name & Description

Tell people what your product is and what it can be used for. So many times I see product descriptions with literally only one line of text.

This isn’t good for anyone. Give people the confidence that this product is right for them. If they have to start asking themselves questions then chances are you’re going to lose them.

Answer all of their questions before they have time to ask them. Go into detail. What is this product? What is it for? Where can I use it? What features does it have?

When writing a product description ask yourself these questions. It can be hard work, there’s no two ways about it, but hard work pays off.

Equally with the title, make sure that is descriptive and explains what the product is. Have the brand name, product name and key features. Try to put the specifics about the product page at the begining of the title, so for instance if you are selling a branded red maxi dress with its own cleverly thought out name, start your title/product name with red maxi dress, that is what your customer is looking for primarily.

Again this will have a positive impact on Google shopping.


For more tips on Conversion Product Page Optimisation visit our blog. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to Contact us here at Zelst.