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Social Medias Reaction to Brexit

As it has become very clear throughout the day, Britain have voted to leave the EU. Social media erupted with outbursts of celebration, joy, despair and anger. With Brexit voters adding up to 17,410,742 gaining a substantial margin above the remain voters (Remain voters gaining 16,141,241). Let’s take a look at the pre and post social media trends that are all associated with the EU Referendum of 2016 and find out why some many people are shocked by the Brexit result.

Pre Referendum

In the days leading up to the EU Referendum vote both the ‘Brexiteers’ and the ‘Remainers’ had been throwing some serious allogations towards each side. Facebook friends and Twitter followers had been falling out in their thousands due to differing opinions. The biggest trending ‘meme’ was this image targeted at the potential leave voters:

breaking news meme

Whilst most people will have seen this as a joke, many will have undoubtedly believed any post they viewed that looked trustworthy especially as the BBC news logo was used within the post.

We also saw a lot of celebrities taking a front seat within the political campaign urging people to vote as well as sharing their opinions on the vote.

Eddie Izard twitter post on voting - Against Brexit

niall horan twitter post on voting

Post Referendum

One of the biggest issues seen within social media throughout the day is the divide of generations. The results shown below shows that the people that will be most affected (young people) didn’t want this result.

How each age group voted in the EU Referendum - Brexit Wins

The comments sections are going crazy – The news sites are reporting and sharing the results of the EU Referendum which is great, just don’t click on the comment sections and definitely don’t get involved. You will never be able to create a statement that all of Great Britain will agree with, ever, and you definitely won’t be able to change the opinion of the person you are arguing with.

There are even people that are complaining about how Social Media has turned in to a virtual House of Commons.

Now the biggest question we can see on people’s minds and social media accounts is what’s going to happen next? What does Brexit mean for the people of Great Britain? Looking at the map below you can see that both Northern Ireland and Scotland gained a majority of remain votes while many parts of England had a leave majority.

The overall result of the EU Referendum 2016]

Anyone has a right to be unhappy with how this vote turned out or indeed happy with the result. We live in a democracy meaning the people can have their say. It seems that it was a shock to many that the Brexit vote gained such a large majority this morning. We have now entered a waiting game whether Great Britain like it or not.

Let’s end the post on a more positive note. It was great to see the cute trend on Twitter during yesterday’s vote. As voters headed to the polling stations for the EU Referendum so had some dogs: