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Google Ad Extensions New Update

Google has recently started testing a new type of ad extension by introducing lead form extensions for search campaigns. This new type of Google Ad Extension is designed for businesses to generate new leads by obtaining necessary information and enquiries from potential customers, with online users filling out and submitting the forms directly within the search ads.

The lead form extensions can be utilised in different ways with advertisers having the option to request any or all of the following information within the forms:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Postcode

The lead forms also include the advertiser’s business name as well as a headline and description (up to 200 characters). The option is also available to include a header image (such as a logo), and advertisers must also agree to Google’s terms of service and include a link to their own privacy policy when setting up the extension. In addition, advertisers also have the capability to select the call to action from a variety of options (e.g. “Get a quote”, “Contact us”, “Apply now” etc.), and produce their own message that is shown following a form submission from a customer.

Once lead form extensions are set up, Google also offers the option to manage leads with a webhook, which can be utilised simply by submitting a webhook URL and key. Doing this directs all requested data from leads straight to the advertiser’s CRM. Following this, all that is required is to send test data to ensure that it’s set up and operating correctly. Other than this it’s also possible to download the leads as a CSV file, but it’s worth noting that it’s important to download leads often as they are only stored for 30 days.

The lead forms operate similarly to other PPC ad extensions, with all bidding and targeting settings applied from the search campaign that the ad extension is attached to. Whenever a lead form is opened, it will be tracked as a click and will be recorded as a conversion each time a user submits the information required in the form. This means that the performance of these extensions can also be tracked and measured within the performance report.   

The lead form extension is an exciting new feature that has the potential to increase the number of leads generated from search ads. However, as stated by Google they are still in the testing stage and how effective the extensions will remain to be seen. With all things considered, correctly set up extensions and well-targeted search campaigns, the newly introduced lead form extensions certainly offer a lot of promise for businesses aiming to maximise their levels of leads.

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