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Peter’s Blog Star Date 10th July 2015

In which I muse Merry Go Rounds, Panda’s, Security and summer……

Search News Update

Well, there were certainly more than a few interesting pieces of search news over the last week or so, in our wonderful world of search including:-

It’s never dull.

A new Panda is on its way

A new Panda is on its way

There was also news of a potential hack into Magento ecommerce sites, which Heather covered. The rise and rise of Magento as an ecommerce platform means this is a significant issue and one we all need to be vigilant of.

How to Get Your Girl/Guy/Customer

This week’s fascinating fact comes from a survey by the Acquity Group. The Next Generation of Commerce Study reveals the tactics you should use to get your customers and potential customers to choose you, rather than your competitors. These include

  • Discounts – Though fast delivery is important, the vast majority of consumers (82%) would rather get 10% off an item’s price than same-day delivery
  • Social – 18% of consumers would switch to a new retailer if they offered social media engagement (such as “Liking” or sharing a post) in return for discounts. This jumps to 28% for ages 18-22, 32% for ages 23-30 and 98% when it comes to Matt
  • Security – 20% (one in five) of consumers would choose a new supplier for day-to-day items if they offered enhanced online ecommerce security

And Then There Were Seven….

Joining Matt, Heather, Sophie, Sarah, Charlie and Minty is, this week, another Sophie. How we deal with this surge of Sophie’s has taxed us considerably and has caused us much angst and confusion, and a frantic search for a suitable sobriquet.

Meanwhile, as temperatures rose, Wimbledon got into full swing and the Ashes kicked off, Charlie, our very own Tennis and Cricket aficionado, has taken to arriving at the office each morning resplendent in dazzling white flannels, almost, though not quite,  matching his dazzling white smile. This possibly explains why Heather and Matt have taken to wearing dark glasses in the office, despite fact that the sun has not been officially seen in Haywra Street for a considerable number of years.

Danger, dazzling white smile

Danger, dazzling white smile

On a less happy note, my world has been rocked this week by the loss of my little German Shepherd, Lexi, who was just a year old, and passed away during an operation. It’s made me really sad, so please accept my apologies if I’ve sounded a bit down.

So, until next time…..