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New AdWords is here

Last year Google announced that they were going to be making some changes to the Google AdWords interface. They teased us with an exciting new interface:

15 months on and the real deal is here, and I tell you what… it isn’t bad. I was never a fan of the old AdWords interface. It was boring, dull and just lacked a bit of shazzam. The new AdWords is the all singing, all dancing model that I believe most marketing professionals have been craving.

What’s New?

The new AdWords offers a lot more visual features. As you navigate the new interface everything feels a lot smoother.

The first noticeable change is the way you filter, segment and add/remove columns. They are three small icons located on the right hand side. At first they seemed hard to find but the quicker interface does compliment them.

The new location visual now lets you see on a map where you’re targeting. If you are targeting an entire country then it just shades it all in blue. But for more specific location campaigns this will be a great feature.

Ads and Ad extensions are now in the same tab making it a bit easier to switch between the two.

There’s also a new filter option, the ‘Good quality but low traffic keywords’. This filter automatically shows keywords with a quality score more than 5 with less than 1000 impressions.

Reporting just got easier

With the old AdWords reporting was often a boring chore. Now however, there’s big visuals that make it easier to see what is happening.

The new AdWords displays metrics of your choice across Mobile phones, Tablets and Desktop. This makes it so much easier to optimise bid adjustments accordingly.

Ad scheduling now comes with a heat map. This allows you to easily see where your traffic is coming from. When you hover your mouse over a square it gives you the exact figure of the metric of your choice. This makes it incredibly easy to compare impressions, clicks etc. at different times of the week.


The new AdWords is inevitably going to take some time getting used to. But the new interface is a lot more visual and easy on the eye. It’s quicker than the old AdWords and you can see there thinking behind trying to make everything smoother.

I personally like the new interface and I am looking forward to working with it.

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