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New Google Merchant Centre

My minds been much focused on the new AdWords interface that is expected to arrive mid-2017. But the new Google Merchant Centre interface has seemed to go under the radar, well certainly under my radar anyway. So I was pleasantly surprised to see a brand spanking new Google Merchant Centre when I logged in this morning. Let’s have a look at some of the changes.

New Google merchant centre home

Right off the bat we’ve got some aesthetic changes. Compared to AdWords the previous Google Merchant Centre look wasn’t that bad. But they’ve changed the look. It seems like they’ve gone for a similar feel of what the new AdWords layout will be.

new adwords

You can see the similarities. Hopefully the added symmetry will mean the new AdWords and Google Merchant Centre will share features making them easier to work with both.

One of the biggest changes to Merchant Centre is the ability to modify the feed without having to re upload the whole thing.

new g merchant centre rules

You can set rules so you can modify certain fields. For example price, if you change some of your prices then you can change that price to the new price without generating a new feed.

If you sell products in multiple countries then it is now a lot easier. In the ‘Shopping ads’ tab you can now enable currency conversions which allows you to show your ads in the local currency without having to edit your landing page.  There’s also now an option to enable adult content.

merchant centre proggrammes

Merchant Center Programmes is a new easy way to try and promote your Google Shopping Ads. It was previously quite difficult to add promotions, reviews etc. to your ads (Black Friday is always a fun one) but now everything you need is one place. This should make it a lot easier to make your ads stand out from the crowd.

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