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As any digital marketer knows, change is good. And behind the scenes (and screens), Zelst has been preparing for some pretty big changes over the coming months.

Yes that’s right…we’ve moved! Don’t worry, we’re not going far (around the corner actually) but after outgrowing our office on Haywra Street, we decided to take the plunge and opt for a bigger space so we can stretch our legs and give us room for growth.

We’re all very excited as the move comes with the opportunity to implement new ways of working on a day to day basis.

We’ve taken ownership of the office design so we could choose exactly how we want the space to work. Creating a larger open-plan working space complemented by hot-desking areas, comfy breakout areas and a client meeting room means we have been able to really put own stamp and style on it.

Our new place is definitely starting to take shape!Our new place is definitely starting to take shape!

The Benefits of an Office Relocation

We may have only moved a few streets away but our beautiful new building situated on East Parade seems worlds apart from our Haywra Street pad.

Reasons why we made the move:

  • We have always had the substance – it’s what makes our clients stick with us. However, we freely admit that our style may have been somewhat lacking in some areas. We are currently undergoing an office rebrand (more about that later…) but having a more stylish space to do our very best work in has given us all a little boost.
  • Our new office has a number of designated spaces for creative collaboration, whether we want to pull up a pew in our snug for a quick update on client performance or gather the troops in the breakout area for social inspiration, we’ve got the space to do it.
  • Who else hates eating at their desk? There’s nothing worse than discovering the crumby remains of a week-old lunchtime sarnie in the underbelly of your keyboard. So having a relaxing spot to refresh, recharge and stuff your face is a one of our favourite changes in the office.
  • Moving into a bigger office also gives us more flexibility and space to recruit more Zelster’s. With a growing client portfolio and an increasing demand for our services, opening the door at East Parade has opened new doors for a larger and more powerful workforce, ready to take on digital.

So from now on, find us in our new home:

First Floor, Ad House, 52 East Parade, Harrogate, HG1 5LT

And if you’re looking for some help or advice on a new digital project, feel free to stop by our new digs and we’ll pop the kettle on.