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Peter’s Blog Star Date 29th June 2015

In which I muse about site moves, what became of mobilegedon, the rise and rise of video, Google Tag Manager and Beer….

Again a lot of our working work has been dominated by site moves, as we continue to move a number of clients across to responsive and/or HTTPS sites. A site move does take up a lot of time and work but, hopefully, the end result will be worth it.

On the subject of responsive sites, SEO software platform provider Searchmetrics has conducted a study of results in the first three search engine results pages (SERPS) before and after mobilegeddon. They found that the percentage of non-mobile friendly urls in the results dropped from 32% to 29% and mobile friendly urls improved in position.

Mobile Friendly URL Share

Is Google More Friendly to Mobile Friendly?

Average Position of Mobile Friendly URLs

Google Responds to Responsiveness

I suppose the surprise might be the relatively modest movement, after such a lot of publicity, but I think that this is just a trend and over the coming weeks and months the gap will continue to widen.

On a different note, I came across this really interesting infographic from programmatic marketing company Yieldr, which considers how big Video has become. Video accounted for 64% of internet traffic last year and more and more consumers are switching to video and away from conventional TV. The sheer volume of eyeballs that can be attracted and the way that you can specifically target consumers through a wide variety of demographics must make video advertising a key element of any serious advertisers arsenal. Add to that the relatively cheap cost, compared to TV and lack of waste and you have a media with a potentially very high ROI.

Video Killed the TV Star

Video Killed the TV Star

My Personal accomplishment of the week was the achievement of my new Google Tag Manager Certificate. It was a very proud moment for me and I must admit to becoming a little overcome when presented with it.

Google Tag Manager Certified

Google Tag Manager Certified

Seriously, Tag Manager is a way of putting all your tracking and analytics code into one “container” which you can easily edit and reduces the need for techies/developers to be constantly adding and changing code on a website. It also improves performance and we would like to move over all tracking code and the like to this tool over the course of the next few months.

Elsewhere, away from the heady world of Digital Marketing, Heather, our content specialist, embarked on a long weekend to Bruges. Bruges is seemingly home to some 726 different Belgian beers and is in the process of building a 3km pipeline capable of carrying 6,000 litres of the stuff an hour. It is also home to some of the best Chocolate and Chocolatiers in the world. Apparently Heather went there for the architecture.

6000 lph Beer Pipeline, what we need for our next staff night out

6000 lph Beer Pipeline, what we need for our next staff night out

So until next week’s thrilling installment…….