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Talk to the Digital Doctor at Zelst and Have Your Marketing Ailments Cured

Zelst Digital Doctor

We at Zelst are one of Yorkshire’s most established digital marketing agencies; we’ve been around a long time, and have the client success stories to prove it. Time and time again, clients have come to us with their problems- the pain their businesses have been facing, and in turn, we’ve repeatedly provided long-term solutions that have enabled their businesses to successfully heal and grow.

From recovering from a disastrous site move, to achieving profitable sales in an area believed not possible. From building search visibility on a site unseen by Google, to maintaining SEO growth on a mature site unsuited to the latest trends. Our clients come from a wide range of niche industries, and the problems they’ve experienced have been equally as diverse. By providing long-lasting solutions for these businesses, we’ve consistently proven our ability to cultivate growth online.

Now, our digital doctor is coming to YOU! Via our Zelst YouTube channel, we will be hosting the first in a series of live webinars that will assess and prescribe remedies for any digital ailments your company is facing, free of charge. Simply send us a list of your symptoms, with as much context and detail of your business’s situation as possible. Our digital doc will then provide a thorough diagnosis, before prescribing a tried and tested solution.

As with your regular doctor, the sooner you alert us to the problem, the quicker we can get you fixed up! Put more simply; if you’d like to be certain that your digital dilemma receives a thorough diagnosis, please email us your query in advance, no later than Monday 3rd December, to ask@zelst.co.uk. As due to time limitations, our SEO surgery will be open for one hour only. You can then either tune in to receive your prescription, or let us know your queries live in the comments section throughout the broadcast, and our digital doc will do his best to squeeze you in.

If symptoms persist and you’d like to follow up on your prescription, we’ll gladly arrange a one on one consultation in the week following our webinar. Simply get in touch post-webinar to do so. For now though, the doctor will see you on 7th December, at 11am sharp!

We recorded our first ever Digital Doctor Surgery, read all about it here and watch the video.