What Makes Something ‘Instagrammable’?

Urban Dictionary definition:

A Photo or a Picture that is worth posting on Instagram.

“Oh! That’s a nice photo, it’s Instagrammable”

What factors do you consider when deciding where to go for food on a weekend? Somewhere that is good value for money? Tasty? Quiet? Or is it somewhere that is Instagrammable? The factors that many people consider when choosing places to visit has been shifted, and a new kid is on the block – whether or not somewhere is worthy of an Instagram. Instagram is constantly evolving as a platform that allows brands and followers to get personal. With video features and live stories, this application is always developing to become more involved in our lives. And that it has.

Instagram has quickly become a fantastic way to promote places around the world. Anything that is ‘instagrammable’ has made its way onto people’s profiles. Any premises that is seen as fashionable, attractive, quirky, creative, or edgy, has benefited greatly from Instagram. Even some walls have become Instagrammable.

Our Zelst office is in the heart of Harrogate, a beautiful spa town in North Yorkshire. Harrogate is known for the combination of its fashionable bars, charming buildings, and greenery, and definitely isn’t short of ‘Instagrammable’ places. Here is a list of some of Harrogate’s Instagrammable spots:

Instagrammable Places in Harrogate

Christian’s Café

Leads Road, Pannal, Harrogate

Instagrammable Christian's Cafe in Harrogate

Images via Christians Cafe

This restaurant and bar offers a unique seasonal dining experience. Thriving off of the local produce of Yorkshire, this café promotes family culture and Yorkshire heritage. This is the kind of place where you spend a good 10 minutes trying to capture the beautifully industrial surroundings and well-presented fresh food. There is a vibe to this place that makes you feel welcome and want to return, and it’s not just the this-food-is-amazing vibe. The urban industrial décor is complimented by the rustic outdoor terrace, and what once started as a small café attached to a garden centre, has soon become its own entity that people will happily travel to. The owner, Christian, works in the café itself and leads a fantastic team of friendly and knowledgeable staff.

La Feria

Wellington House, Coldbath Road, Harrogate

Instagrammable La Feria Harrogate

La Feria brings an exotic Spanish tapas-style restaurant to Harrogate. With a beautiful interior and stunning terrace, much of the materials have been sourced from places in Spain to bring an authentic Spanish experience to its visitors. With huge G&Ts, attractive cocktails, and small plates of Spanish tapas, this place oozes Instagram-worthy features. There’s something about being surrounded by stylish furniture, fashionable lighting, and a pretty cocktail that everyone loves. Because of this, La Feria is flooded with visitors during the summer months, where people can spill onto the terrace and enjoy good food and beverages in a stylish exterior.

The Stray


Instagrammable The Stray Harrogate

The Stray is 200 acres of Yorkshire beauty. This grassland is home to huge oak trees, a cherry blossom walk, and beautiful flowers. But the stray is more than your average park, it surrounds most of Harrogate town. Behind the trees that line the stray you will find fashionable restaurants, designer boutiques, and beautiful Georgian houses. Host to many events throughout the year, The Stray has seen fairs, tour de Yorkshire celebrations, and countless picnics. Whatever the weather, this beautiful open space is appreciated throughout the seasons. If it isn’t to see the cherry walk in spring, it’s to see the beautiful autumnal colours as we go into the cooler months. It’s safe to say that The Stray is most certainly one of Harrogate’s most instagrammable places.


28A Swan Road, Harrogate


Instagrammable Norse Harrogate

Images via Norse

Norse brings a taste of Nordic influence to Harrogate. Their Scandinavian-inspired cooking offers fresh ingredients and an exciting menu. Previously resident as the evening restaurant of Baltzersens, a café in Harrogate, Norse has expanded into its own territory on Swan Road. The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxing, and the Scandinavian touch is truly refreshing. The excellent flavours are artfully presented, and always with a twist. Everything about the menu is instagrammable, with the combination of Scandinavia and Yorkshire being placed artistically and meaningfully onto your plate. People love to support independent Yorkshire businesses, especially when they add something so unique to their local town. Good luck trying to restrain from instagramming this place.

West Park Hotel

19 West Park, Harrogate

Instagrammable West Park Hotel Harrogate

Left image via The West Park Hotel

West Park hotel is the epitome of Harrogate – the stylish interior emanates a contemporary boutique feel, with luxurious design, furniture, and colours. West Park opens its doors to socialites, businessmen, families, and locals. Whether you are looking for afternoon tea, a luxurious meal, or delicious drinks on an evening, the presentation of everything is instagrammable. Visitors can even experience al fresco dining in the Yorkshire sun whilst looking over The Stray on the other side of the road. Even the lighting is swanky… who doesn’t see cool lights and want to take a photo?

Bettys Café

1 Parliament Street, Harrogate

Instagrammable Bettys Harrogate

Left image via Bettys

Bettys Tea room is Harrogate’s most loved and well-known tea room. The traditional and opulent décor makes the delicious food extra special. Known for their afternoon tea, Betty’s has a range of delicious fancies, traditional sandwiches, and freshly made scones. The well-established location is right in the heart of Harrogate, overlooking the stray. The Betty’s name has become so well-known that just being there is instagrammable. Everyone enjoys the traditional Yorkshire treats, and the fact that they are instagrammable is just a bonus.

Filmore and Union

Station Square, Harrogate

Instagrammable Filmore and Union Harrogate

Images via Filmore and Union

This Yorkshire restaurant houses a stylish interior. Healthy food has taken Instagram by storm, and food from Filmore & Union is no exception. Priding themselves on wholesome and healthy food, their menu includes gluten-free delicatessens, fresh fruit juices, organic coffee, and wonderful cocktails. Their premises continues outdoors, with a chic garden tucked behind the café, The organic food and fashionable style has made it the subject of much of Harrogate Instagrammers’ feeds, from afternoon teas to their new charcoal lattes, Filmore has become an instagrammable Harrogate hub.

The Wild Plum Coffee Shop

34-36 Hookstone Road, Harrogate

Instagrammable The Wild Plum Harrogate

This is the definition of a hidden gem. Tucked above a dress shop in one of Harrogate’s more residential areas, this isn’t your regular coffee shop. All of the home-cooked food is exquisitely presented and often decorated in edible flowers and plated on plant pots, rocks, and other natural features. Harrogate ladies can enjoy the local Slingsby’s gin whilst eating food that is almost too pretty to eat. Their seasonal specials are both original and exotic. This café is the definition of instagrammable, and they have seen various new visitors through their online reputation.

Farm Bistro

35 Beulah Street, Harrogate

This independent café oozes rustic charm. With homemade bread and fresh coffee, there is a little locally sourced something for everyone. The décor is characterful and cosy, with rustic furniture, exposed walls, and industrial lights. Everything about the setting is instagrammable, but choosing whether to snap the delicious food or charming décor is a struggle. Go for both.

Valley Gardens

Valley Drive, Harrogate

Instagrammable Valley Gardens Harrogate

Image via Visit Harrogate

These English Heritage Grade II Listed gardens are beautiful in bloom and surrounded by a magical woodland. There are a vast number of mineral springs in these gardens. With historic buildings and sun pavilions being lined with colourful shrubbery and flowers, these well-maintained grounds are instagrammable from all angles.

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