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Happy new year! We hope you had a fantastic festive season, and are ready for all the exciting things 2019 has to offer, kicking off with the return of our Zelst Digital Doctor, on January 25th.

Last year’s webinar was a roaring success; our digital doctor prescribed treatments for several of the most common digital pains real businesses are currently facing. We remedied everything from drastic declines in site traffic, to poor conversion rates, and even how to facilitate business growth without a marketing budget in place. If you missed your appointment with the doc, worry not! You can catch the full digital diagnostic surgery here.

The Digital Doctor Returns: Google’s Algorithm Update

Now, our digital doc is BACK in the surgery, and ready to tackle a whole host of new problems- with this time’s theme concerning Google’s August 2018 algorithm update.

The aptly nicknamed Medic update (also officially titled the E-A-T update), affected a lot of sites, particularly financial, legal, news, diet, nutrition and medical related sites- essentially, sites which Google believed the reputation of the page/site/author to be of great importance due to the imperative nature of the information the site provides and the effect it might have on someone’s health and wealth – what Google called Your Money or Your Life pages. Following changes to the Google Quality Rater Guidelines in July, which contained a specific section on this genre of sites, the August update triggered changes for how sites in these sectors rank on Google.

Click here for a more comprehensive overview of what the update entailed.

Following the Update; How has Your Website Coped?

6 months on, and we’re left wondering about the impact; how has your website coped? Have you seen a large increase or decrease in your traffic, rankings and/or visibility? Are you wanting to counteract these changes, or enhance them even further? Do you want to know how to improve your sites expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness? Send your feedback to our digital doc, along with any specific questions you have, and we’ll look to prescribe you a solution in our next webinar. You can email us at ask@zelst.co.uk, or send your questions via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

The webinar will take place on Friday 25th January at 11am, via Facebook Livestream on our Zelst Facebook page. Whilst we will be focusing on the All You Can E-A-T update, we’ll also gladly address any other digital marketing queries or problems you may have, so please don’t hesitate to send these over too!

And remember, if you have any issues which you’d like to discuss privately, or that you’d rather not share with an audience, simply let us know and our digital doc will gladly arrange a one-on-one consultation.