Monday was strange, as it felt like something was missing. Our long standing content writer Heather had left the previous Friday. I think some of us were still feeling it from our Friday night leaving do. Something that did help me through the misery though was that I could stand tall as the champion of charades, with an Oscar winning performance of the Million Pound Drop.

The Monday blues were soon gone however, with a meeting about Google Shopping for one of our clients. Memory Foam Warehouse were back in the PPC game. Following our call with Google,  Olivia, Peter and I had fresh ideas for the new Memory Foam Warehouse AdWords account. I had to create multiple ad groups within the Mattress campaign to give the best chance of our products being seen. We’re on a strict budget with this account so I have to keep a close eye on bid management to make sure that the cost doesn’t run away.


Just as soon as one face leaves another one appears. Today we had an apprentice in the office. Sofia was keen to get an insight into what really goes on in the wonderful world of Digital Marketing. It goes without saying she could barely hold back her excitement when I took her through Pay-Per-Click. I think it’s fair to say that after my brief introduction, Sofia had a love for AdWords Editor almost as much as me.



Ok I take it back, today I hate AdWords Editor (but only momentarily). For some reason AdWords Editor refuses to allow me to download the latest statistics form our clients AdWords Account. But this won’t hold me back, I must power through and eventually I fix the problem so my love is now restored. Graphic Air is having a big Easter Sale so that means campaigns must be created, Ad groups need to be established and Ads need to be sculpted to make sure we are getting the best visibility.

When it comes to PPC (Pay-Per-Click) keyword research is crucial to a good campaign. It’s easy to use broad keywords and watch the impressions and clicks rise, but it’s what people do after they’ve clicked on your ad that is crucial. For example, if someone wanted to buy a pair of red shoes and typed in Google ‘red shoes’ and your ad appeared, they click on it only to discover you sell white shoes, frustration ensues and they’re going to click straight off. This is why keyword research is so important for PPC campaigns.


Walking up the stairs was a struggle today. My legs are like led, this is due to the fact I’ve played tennis every night since Sunday and I’m scheduled for yet another game tonight. However this is followed by a long awaited showing of the new Deadpool film… X GON GIVE IT TO YA. (That’s a movie reference for those wondering).

But this has to wait, with Friday being a bank holiday it can only mean one thing. It’s going to be one busy Thursday. Graphic Air and Memory Foam Warehouse both start their Easter Sale today. Google have yet to approve my Google Shopping promotion for Graphic Air. This didn’t put me in the best of moods, but instead of taking my anger out on my desk I decided to put my all into our AdWords accounts. The morning involved optimising Graphic Air’s Google Shopping campaigns. I increased a lot of the bids to make sure that we get a strong impression share over the weekend. I also fine-tuned the text campaign I’ve created for the weekend.

The afternoon started with our noisy neighbours blasting music so loud we could hear it through the wall. I don’t know what they were playing but the singer was obviously drunk or French I couldn’t really tell. But I couldn’t let this put me off. Work must be done, Memory Foam Warehouse awaits. An updated sales list meant that I had to update the campaigns. By using my favourite piece of software, AdWords Editor I had to ad promotional text for the sales campaigns. Some more Google shopping optimisation saw me through to the end of the day and now I can celebrate my four day weekend!