My working week is based around dealing with our client’s SEO and content. We all have various different clients to work on, and to begin the week I look at the time I have for each client and then plan what I’ll do based around that.

Having just been Easter, Monday was a bank holiday so we were off for the last day of a long weekend, so the day was spent doing very little after a busy weekend!



Having had a long weekend, Tuesday involved working through my email inbox to see whether anything vital had come in that needed working through or responding to immediately (luckily it was a quiet one and it was a case of flicking through Google alerts about all things digital).

The first day of the week we have a weekly catch up to share with everyone what we’ll be doing that week and discuss any issues or new ideas for clients we might have or things that have come up over the weekend. Part of our job is learning more about the world of digital marketing, and putting this across in the form of blogs on our site.  So I looked into creating a glossary of key terms in the world of SEO and a post about local SEO. These days spent researching and writing about the subject help us learn more and pass that information on.



Wednesday was a day that I had factored in for dealing with a lot of technical issues that face one of our long-standing clients. They have two sites, one for the UK and European market and one for the USA. A site with a large number of products means there’s often a chance of a lot of issues cropping up – products not having the right meta data, broken links where categories don’t exist any longer or have changed etc. We do a crawl of the site, using specialist tools that look at each page of the site and flag up issues.



Thursday involved working on one of our biggest clients, in order to fix a range of issues that a site faces when changes are made to the site structure or products. This often results in broken links – as such we monitor these issues using webmaster tools and other software, in order to ensure that we can make the site appear to look cleaner in search, improve user experience, and redirect the value of these old links to existing pages relevant to the query.



Friday is the start of a new month, which means getting stuck into monthly reports for all of our clients. This is important to what we do so that we can see what we’ve done well, what we can improve on and where we need to put our efforts in for the next month. Reporting is key to what we do, as it allows our clients to see that we are giving them value for their investment, as well as giving them a simple, easy to understand breakdown of how their website has performed that month and then compare it to the previous month and year.