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It’s the start of the month, so it’s all systems go in the office! We always start every Monday with a quick catch up meeting in the morning to find out what everyone’s been up to at the weekend and also to discuss everyone’s plan of work for the upcoming week. Combining a meeting with a good old gossip is always the best way to start the week in my opinion. This also gives Peter a chance to update me with any news or developments in our client accounts so I can prioritise work for the week ahead.
As it’s the start of the month, we are all really busy creating monthly reports for all of our clients. I have a number of reports to put together for my clients which reveal rankings and results from the previous month.



Once all the reports are out of the way it’s time for our monthly client update and planning meeting. This happens at the start of every month. We work through all our clients, establish the work that needs to be completed in that month and how it will be divided up in the team. During this meeting I will be jotting down lots and lots of notes and once I have recovered from a very achy hand, I can create a monthly plan for everyone in the team so we all know exactly what we need to do and when.


Love is in the air as it’s nearly Valentine’s Day! Annual holidays are a great way for some of our clients to promote a particular product range and advertise an exclusive offer. I got in touch with one of my clients proposing (no pun intended) the idea of creating a Valentine’s Day email to send out to his customers. Once agreed, I got to work creating a romantic rhetoric to compliment his eye catching Valentine’s offer.

The afternoon was spent with a potential client pitching our services to help them grow their business online. Together with Peter and Charlie, we presented our little hearts out in the hope of establishing a new client relationship and….success! Looks like we were pitch perfect.


The morning was spent helping one of our clients decipher a very complicated spreadsheet. The data feed spreadsheet is a collaborative project between the client, developer and us to make sure all the correct products are successfully imported from the old site to the new development site in preparation for the big site move.

Talking of new sites, it’s time for another phone call with a client to discuss their plans for a new responsive site in the summer. It’s a day of meetings for me as I go straight into a content team pow-wow to prepare for a meeting with another client tomorrow, we usually get together and prepare before any big client meeting to make sure everyone knows what they are doing.

After a long day of meetings, it can only mean one thing… after work drinks! We all head to our favourite spot, Pitcher and Piano for a couple of drinks (I have to restrain myself as it’s not quite Friday and we do have a big meeting in the morning)! So just the two tonight – I’ll save myself for the weekend.

After Work Drinks


Friday morning flies by as our client comes in first thing for a content strategy meeting with Peter, Olivia, Heather and I. After numerous cups of tea and coffee, we have ironed out a new content strategy in response to the ever-changing landscape of effective content marketing.

And what better way to finish the week than crafting a creative content piece and learning all about international study. Phew! Now it’s time to relax….until Monday.