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Social Media Marketing

We understand exactly how social media and business intertwines. It’s no surprise that over 65 percent of the UK population hold active accounts, so the importance of getting your brand’s voice heard on social media is undeniable.

As a social media strategy agency, we’ll help you to develop a bespoke social media optimisation plan that will humanise your brand while improving your market insights, website traffic, audience relationships and brand awareness.


An expert social media strategy agency

We’re avid social media users and understand the relationship between social media and business on every major social platform. We’ll partner with you to develop, implement and refine a social media strategy that’s carefully tailored to your business and your target audience.

Our social media and digital marketing specialists know how to create an effective social media optimisation plan that’s insightful and creative. Through implementing and adapting this plan, we’ll help you to grow social channels that your audience will want to engage with.

We’re confident in analysing metrics for a targeted social media strategy and monitoring the social sphere to stay ahead of the curve. We know how to humanise your brand and gain valuable insight from your audience’s activity.

With over two decades of experience, training and expertise, Zelst is ideally positioned to deliver your social media outsourcing needs. Our social media specialists are well-equipped to help your brand flourish online.


average organic traffic growth across clients


average increase in search visibility


average revenue growth across clients

“Working with Zelst over these past 12 months has been great. The work they’ve done has helped grow our organic traffic by 50% year on year, and in the last few weeks has seen us rank number one on Google for our target keyword for the first time!

Luke McMullen, Marketing Manager

How we Increased Organic Traffic by 1,353% with Content

Read how we developed a content strategy for our client in the wig sector and achieved SERPs domination.

As well as an increase of 1353% in organic traffic, we also improved domain authority by 165%, search visibility by 216% and contributed to an increase of 120% in revenue in 3 years.


Growing Content Case Study

How will social media marketing help your business thrive?

Social Media Optimisation to Drive Website Traffic

From an SEO perspective, using your social platforms to share content from your website and blog will maximise traffic and links back to your site. This can contribute to a more prominent position in the SERPs, making it easier for you to get found online and reach new customers.

Improve your Audience Relationships through our Social Media Services

Social media enables you to humanise your brand and form authentic connections with your customers. You can reinforce trust by showcasing how your products or services are used and loved in the real world. 

Effectively monitoring the social channels of your business and its competitors, and analysing your social media metrics, will help you to understand your audience like never before.

Strengthen Brand Awareness by Combining Social Media and Business  

Your customers, and potential customers, scroll through their social channels multiple times a day. So, it’s an obvious place to establish your brand and promote your business and website content.

Implementing a consistent and thoughtful social media marketing strategy will help you to reinforce your brand as a reputable and reliable source in the industry.

What can you expect from us?

We believe that the best relationships are built on mutual trust, openness and honesty. Zelst only works with one company in any market, so if we work with you, we are totally committed to you and your success.

1. Understanding your roots

We take the time to fully understand your business background, including your brand, market, team and resources.

2. Align with your vision for growth

We make sure we’re on the same page when it comes to your objectives, your ambitions and your timescale for growth.

3. Strategise a social media strategy for growth

We carefully develop a unique social media and digital marketing strategy which will help your business to flourish online. 

4. Cultivate content that yields results  

We implement your social media marketing strategy to the highest standard, and consistently adapt it in line with the fast-paced digital landscape.

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