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driving revenue growth with organic search
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Discover how we increased organic search traffic by 110.32% in 2020 for a specialist bed and mattress retailer, leading to a 266.90% increase in revenue from organic traffic over the last 6 months of 2020.
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increase in organic traffic


increase in revenue from organic traffic


increase in search visibility


increase in overall revenue

Traffic from Organic Search over the Last 12 Months

Bed Retailer Organic Visits

Our ecommerce client approached us in December 2019, desperate to increase their visibility, rankings and most importantly, sales through their website.

Through a carefully developed and targeted integrated search and content campaign we increased search visibility by 87.10%, organic search traffic by 110.32% and injected some much-needed revenue from organic, increasing by a huge 266.90% over the last 6 months.


Zelst were approached by a specialist bed and mattress retailer at the very end of 2019. They had recently invested in a new website and whilst the design and functionality of the website was much better, it needed expert help to be seen and get found by the right customers.

As the online business had seen significant decline in visibility, rankings and traffic in the months leading up to our engagement, it was clear that a targeted organic and paid strategy was required to properly engage with the business and its specific target market. The website had failed to deliver a substantial number of leads at the point we were brought on board and the Managing Director was determined to find the right partner to help the business grow.

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Since beginning in December 2019, traffic has stabilised and begun to climb. This has created more customer leads, sales and a better position on our digital front. We would have no hesitation in recommending Zelst and look forward to continuing working with them in the future.

Despite the recent economic upheaval, we have been very satisfied with the quality and effectiveness of the work provided by Zelst. With our website traffic in a decline, on a recommendation we turned to Zelst and things have drastically improved since.

From day one, we felt confident that the Zelst team had a firm grasp on the situation and were fully capable of bringing traffic back to former levels. Communication on all work being performed is excellent and our monthly reports are comprehensive to say the least. Zelst also worked with our website developers at Welford Media to improve technical aspects that helped to increase the quality and conversion of traffic!

Daniel Hoyle
Managing Director

the strategy

Zelst were engaged late last year and first of all spent a crucial period of time to understand the business, its target customers and the company goals and objectives for the year ahead.

Working with a website that had virtually no visibility had its challenges. What’s more, this was coupled with the fact that the website needed to be seen in an incredibly competitive space. We knew we had to create a targeted strategy that helped our client reach the most relevant customers and see some real return on investment.

We started by developing a keyword list that focused on the company’s core product lines and building content around these terms with optimised landing page content and supporting blog content.
Using SERP feature analysis, we were also able to spot opportunities for content that enabled our client to be found in various stages of the buying journey.

Bed Retailer PPA

After gaining traction with this strategy, we then branched out into a wider range of search terms to help strengthen the growing organic footprint. Using the same methodology, we undertook extensive gap analysis work and sourced opportunities to plug those gaps with detailed, authoritative and valuable content and dominate the SERP space by capturing featured snippets.

Once we had regained a steady stream of organic traffic into the website, we then undertook a major overhaul and rebuild of the client’s Google Ads account to provide an integrated search strategy that delivered over and above client expectation.

Bed Retailer Featured Snippet

the result

The immediate changes to the organic search campaign which refocused the work in the most significant areas for potential began bearing fruit quickly and we saw considerable improvements in the first three months of the campaign.

However, in the last 6 months we have really seen that growth snowball and the client is benefitting from a healthy upwards growth trend. By the end of Nov 2020, their search visibility had increased by 87.10%, they have 21 of their most valuable search terms in a top 3 ranking position and as a result, organic search traffic has increased by 110.32%.

With 2020 coming to a close, our client is now highly visible across their most important search terms, they are attracting much bigger and better quality leads and they had an incredibly lucrative year despite all the challenges many businesses have faced in the current financial climate.

Bed Retailer Organic Traffic Comparison

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