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Affiliate management is a delicate art. Done well, it can attract a substantial quality and quantity of customers. Done badly, it can waste your money, annoy a lot of people and cannibalise your own marketing and sales efforts. Also known as performance marketing, affiliate marketing is where a third party (i.e. the affiliate) is paid every time someone clicks on a link to the advertiser’s website, or ideally, every time a click results in an action such as a sale, a lead or a sign up. These links take various forms, including banner ads, image links in product feeds, skilfully placed text links within the body content and so on. They typically bring the user to a landing page where they are (hopefully) cajoled into making a purchase, signing up to the newsletter or what have you.


Setting up your Affiliate Campaign is fairly straightforward, but setting up a successful campaign which integrates with your existing marketing campaigns is no walk in the park. A ‘hit-and-run’ approach is doomed to failure, and generating decent returns takes substantial time and effort – time and effort that you may not have to spare. In order to attract and convert the right people, your affiliates must be relevant to your company’s niche, philosophy, location and so on. You will need a mind-blowing offer on the affiliate site reinforced by a killer call to action on the landing page, and your campaign will need to be continually monitored and managed to ensure that it’s performing to the best of its ability. Our affiliate management service service starts with carefully developing an affiliate strategy which will achive the objectives you require whilst supporting your other activities and will help you to foster, maintain and nurture effective online partnerships that are beneficial to your business. We will put together the offer and select the right affiliates before planning your campaign and acting as your affiliate manager on an ongoing basis.
Affiliate Management


Done correctly, affiliate marketing management can act as a self-financing technique for advertising your products and/or services online. It can deliver a high volume and quality of visitors to your site and generate an excellent return on your investment. Your campaign will deliver traffic from relevant, high-quality websites, increase your online visibility and provide opportunities to grow your business that you may not previously have considered or been aware of.
SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Social media can help you to reach a wider and more relevant audience whilst providing unique insights into their behaviour.
INBOUND MARKETING Rather than putting your business in front of the customer, it’s about getting the customer to come to you.
ANALYTICS SERVICES Thorough analysis can give you detailed insights into what’s working and what isn’t helping us to refine your digital strategy and making informed decisions for the future.

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