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Social media is more than an outlet for culinary boasts and selfies. With over 59 percent of the UK population now holding active accounts, the importance of getting your voice heard on social media is undeniable – and businesses ignoring this fact do so to their peril.

As the popularity of interactive content continues to grow, so the need for the shopper to engage with the brand becomes ever greater. Just as marketers traditionally engage buyers through door-to-door sales, newspapers and television, today’s businesses must get social.

The consumer of the digital age doesn’t trust the hard sell. And, as the first calling point for users idly browsing the web, social media offers the perfect opportunity to capture people’s imagination and make them want to know more – without making it obvious that they’re being sold to.


It’s a cut-throat world. Competition is fierce, so if you want social media to work for you, posting the occasional update on a whim isn’t going to cut it. And nor is relentlessly churning out product updates and company news – in fact, this approach will probably do more harm than good.

The social media crowd is a picky bunch. They are not there to be sold to. They’re there to interact, to be educated and entertained. They want relevant content that brings actual value to their lives., and only when they find it will they start to take an active interest in your brand.

Rather than taking a rapid-fire approach to social media marketing, we’ll research which channels your customers are using and what makes them tick then tailor your social output to suit. All activity will be carefully balanced and integrated with your overall strategy then monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure that it’s achieving the results you want to see.


If social media should not be used (exclusively) as a direct selling tool, why bother? Think of it as a virtual storefront and customer service desk rolled into one. It enables you to connect with your customers and portray your brand as knowledgeable, witty, on the ball – whatever you like, really.

Done well, social media can help you to reach a wider and more relevant audience whilst providing unique insights into their behaviour. This will help you to engage more effectively with target customers in future and build up a rapport, taking them from strangers to brand advocates.

From an SEO perspective, sharing content from your website and blog maximises traffic and links back to your site. This gives you Google brownie points and can contribute to a more prominent position in the search engine results, making it easier for you to get found online.


Also known as performance marketing, affiliate marketing is where a third party (i.e. the affiliate) is paid every time someone clicks on a link to the advertiser’s website.


Rather than putting your business in front of the customer, it’s about getting the customer to come to you.


Thorough analysis can give you detailed insights into what’s working and what isn’t helping us to refine your digital strategy and making informed decisions for the future.

Ready to climb the social ladder?

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