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Increasing audience retention by 642.95% with a targeted content strategy

Read our latest case study to find out how we improved the audience retention for our client, James, in the technology industry by +642.95% with a highly targeted content strategy.

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increase in audience retention


increase in visits from organic search


increase in avg time on page


increase in click-through rate

Active Users Increase over the Last 3 Months

Active Users Increase


James has a UK-based technology firm that provides bespoke software development and purpose-built technology solutions to businesses.

He approached us back in December 2018, desperate to gain more organic visibility and grow quality leads. Over the past 2.5 years, the website has seen a significant increase in search visibility. We implemented solid SEO, and Content practices and achieved 6350.7% increase in search and a 300% increase in organic traffic within the first 12 months.

Always seeking to develop our existing strategies, we set out to improve the quality of leads that were now being generated for James with a targeted content plan which addressed key queries and spoke directly to a niche target audience. This involved creating more user-friendly tutorials, step-by-step guides and core pieces of content to explain technical concepts to establish James and his business as an authority in his field.

So, how did we do it?

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the strategy

Due to the technical nature of the industry, we had to strike the right balance of conveying complex information in a user-friendly way but also showcasing James’ expertise in that area too. Therefore, we created a highly targeted content optimisation plan that redesigned the current content to meet the new objectives we had set.

A good content optimisation plan can deliver huge benefits in terms of traffic, engagement, brand awareness, sales and, ultimately, profits.

Most Popular Content

We republished existing website content to enhance user experience, and created new pieces of content to demonstrate that James was keeping up to date with the latest industry trends.

This involved creating relevant content in line with Google’s E-A-T guidelines, signifying James’ expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness in his niche.

To achieve this, we used our carefully devised buyer personas and search intent-based keyword research to target key customer pain points and ensure that his company was being seen and getting found by the people that matter most.

Active Users Report

the result

Clicks and, therefore, CTR (click-through rate) has increased significantly over time, indicating that the content optimisation of pages and posts we have undertaken has reached a more relevant target audience, encouraging them to click through to the website. In fact, many of James’ top 10 landing pages are blog posts, driving a significant +79% of visitors through organic search and improving the click-through rate by +24%.

Of his website’s most popular content, the top blog posts (shown below) have a high average duration, a metric that measures the average length of time a user spends on a page. Overall, the average time spent on pages increased by 22.82%, and the bounce rate decreased by 3.28%.

As seen in James’ top-performing content, users spend 5m 13s and 7m 52s on average on these pages, which is well above average. And for the top-performing piece, our optimisation increased page views by +736.70% compared to the previous three months, indicating the highly relevant targeting of these pages which has resulted in a much higher user engagement.

What’s more, the Active Users Report for our client indicates that the user retention rate has significantly improved by +642.95%, indicating again that our optimisation work is encouraging more relevant readers.

CTR Increase

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