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increasing organic search traffic by 493% with content

Discover how we increased organic search traffic by 493.33% with a highly targeted keyword strategy across SEO and Content for our client in the legal sector.

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Traffic from Organic Search over the Last 16 Months

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David owns a successful group of solicitors in the North of England, and first approached us in Dec 2019, looking for some specific guidance in reputation recovery. We managed to help solve the issues David was facing, gained his trust and as a result he asked to help him achieve stronger visibility online. In April 2020, we started to lay the foundational SEO work, and things have grown from strength to strength ever since.

Technical SEO was the first priority and with effective keyword targeting and a content campaign following close behind, we’ve seen organic search traffic grow by 493.33% since we started working together, with visibility growth of +192.2% across key service areas.


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the strategy


  1. A foundational SEO programme was implemented to ensure that David’s firm’s website could be crawled, indexed and ultimately, found on Google.
  2. A detailed keyword research plan was followed, where we reviewed his business’ keywords against competitor keyword profiles to identify opportunities and gaps. From this, we developed a highly targeted strategy and keyword range to improve David’s visibility across his core range of legal services.
  3. We conducted on-page optimisation with keyword targeting and improved the internal linking structure to improve Google and users’ understanding of the site.
  4. We performed local SEO for each location that his offices served across North Yorkshire and the North East to increase their rank for terms with local search intent. With many of his office locations closing and opening during the pandemic, Google My Business optimisation was vital to improve visibility in local search and compete for local SERP features.

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  1. As legal professionals had written all the existing content, we needed to maintain David’s authority while allowing the content to be accessible to readers and potential clients. So, we generated a republishing plan to ensure that the site’s content met Google’s E-A-T guidelines and provided a quality signal to Google.
  2. Next, we optimised highly relevant blog content, which involved dealing with different content mediums, to create a streamlined blog and capture multiple bites out of the SEO cherry.
  3. Then, we developed a plan to capture quick SEO wins and featured snippets based on our keyword research and content opportunities to improve visibility in the SERPs.

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the result

Our highly targeted keyword strategy implementation resulted in 75% of traffic coming from organic search, with overall traffic up by +493.33% since we started working with David, with traffic growth of +147.42% on last year alone. Furthermore, compared to the same period last year (June-October 2020 vs June-October 2021), we’ve seen a +192.2% increase in impressions, a +229.5% increase in clicks and, therefore, visibility.

Not to mention, with our keyword strategy, in the past three months alone, 83 terms have increased in rank, and 8 have moved into a top three ranking position.

As a result of a highly targeted content strategy, on-page optimisation and more than a few quick wins, David’s blog is now a main driver of traffic to his website. The number of page views has increased by +18%, and the average page duration increased by +10%, indicating that the content produced meets Google’s core E-A-T pillars and is accessible and relevant to users.

Not only that, but our client’s link profile has gone from strength to strength with the creation of authoritative content. With effective link building and outreach in place, this has led to a +655% increase in page views from referral traffic as a result of our efforts over the past three months.

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