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Increasing organic search traffic by 84.64% using targeted content optimisation


Find out how we captured a featured snippet and number 1 ranking for our client in the engineering industry for their core search term. This also resulted in wider search term visibility with a 30.55% increase in search terms ranking #1-3 on Google in the past 10 months.


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increase in organic traffic


increase in terms ranking #1-3 on Google


increase in search visibility over 3 years


increase in organic search traffic in 3 years

Increase in Rankings over the Last 10 Months

Increase in Rankings

Zelst recognised that although rankings had significantly increased since 2017, there was still ample opportunity to grow and capture featured snippets and other SERP Features to boost traffic and rankings ever further.

By targeting our optimisation and focusing not only on the landing page ranking for the core term but also on supporting blog content targeting wider search terms, we captured the snippet and traffic soared as a result. We were also able to increase overall organic search traffic by 24.801% in just 4 months and moved 17 tracked search terms into positions #1-3 on Google during this time.


Having partnered with Zelst back in 2017, our client has had a steady increase in organic search traffic and rankings over the last 3 years.

The first 3 years had been spent building a strong organic footprint via blog and product page content, as well as technical SEO behind the scenes to grow a strong and most importantly sustainable, foundation. As an agreed list of search terms began to climb onto the first page of Google due to the growing organic footprint, it was time to take a targeted approach to achieve our client’s goal of ranking #1 in Google for their target term.

services utilised

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the strategy

The website provides a diverse range of products as it serves various industries. The previous years spent building the organic footprint of the website across an agreed list of search terms and products meant that their core term was currently at a healthy ranking of #4 on Google.

Competitor research and search analysis showed that the top-ranking spots for the term had fluctuated slightly over time. However, the same cluster of competitors remained at the top of the search results, rotating their positions in intervals.

It was clear what we needed to do:

  • Emulate a similar structure to these pages and develop the content on our product page so it was more informative and authoritative (in line with important EAT signals).
  • Optimise supporting blog content for wider search terms, and link back to the main landing page to create a strong internal linking structure. By retargeting and republishing supporting content, we wanted to show Google (and users) that the client was an authoritative resource and therefore should be prioritised in the search results.

the result

Our targeted landing page and supporting blog post optimisation resulted in us capturing the Featured Snippet for the core term and meant we increased organic search traffic by 24.801%. In addition, 17 tracked keywords moved up into positions #1-3 on Google, and 12 additional Featured Snippets were captured across the website.

This upward growth of increased organic search traffic has continued, with traffic from organic search increasing by 84.64% and 94 tracked terms now ranking in positions of 1-3 on Google (that’s a 30.55% increase) in the last ten months.

Search Visibility and Rankings

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