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Increasing revenue from organic search by 61.25% in just 3 months

These are the kind of results to write home about…
Discover how we increased organic search traffic by 247.75% for Europe’s leading luxury pen retailer in a short three month period. Craig, the Managing Director, was concerned the paid visibility alone wouldn’t achieve the sales he needed over the festive season. Zelst stepped in and developed a targeted quick win strategy that delivered a 61.25% increase in revenue from organic search and surpassed Craig’s revenue targets for Q4.

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increase in organic search traffic


increase in revenue from organic traffic


increase in search visibility over 3 months

terms moving up into a top 3 ranking position on Google

Sep-Dec Increase in Organic Traffic

Sep-Dec Organic Traffic Increase


As a search marketing agency, we always advocate the importance of implementing a long-term SEO strategy for sustained online growth. Paid search is a great way to inject some short-term visibility for businesses online but we always find it’s never as cost-effective as a well-executed SEO strategy. Although SEO should always be seen as an investment, there are some ‘quick wins’ that can be implemented alongside the long-term approach.

The key to a successful quick win SEO strategy is really understanding the objectives of the business so each task can be prioritised correctly in order to achieve those goals efficiently.

For that reason, we advised Craig that we were able to identify some ‘low hanging fruit’ opportunities in organic search to showcase meaningful progress and achieve a short-term impact during his seasonal peak but which will also build into long-term success for the upcoming year.

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the strategy

Here are the 6 crucial steps for an effective quick win SEO strategy:

  1. Crawl accessibility: Identify any issues where improvements can be made, together with a number of areas where changes will see better and faster indexing of the pages on the site.
  2. Keyword optimised targeting: Once you have articulated the keyword strategy and identified the viable keyword targets, optimise the Meta Data, header tags, alt tags and internal linking accordingly.
  3. Content optimisation: Optimise and develop on-page content for keywords listed based on competitor analysis and research.
  4. Link strategy: Improve internal linking for URLs identified and optimise internal anchor text.
  5. SERP feature optimisation: Restructure and reformat content to appear in answer box queries, knowledge panels and featured snippets.
  6. Content development: Build further supporting content around key terms identified to showcase breadth of knowledge around topic area.

Sep-Dec Ranking Improvements:

Ranking Improvements

the result

From September to December 2020, traffic from organic search increased by 247.75% during the three month period.

Search visibility also climbed through the same period by 36.89% as did the range of keywords that the site was now found for. Although we outlined a list of core search terms that we intended to target as part of our quick win strategy, the work undertaken fed into a much stronger organic footprint overall. As a result, 125 search terms were now appearing in a top three ranking position.

By the end of 2020, sales were at record levels and the return on investment from organic search surpassed that of paid search. There was a 61.25% increase in revenue from organic search and Craig understood the importance of investing in SEO for long-term success.

If you would like your business to achieve success like this, please get in touch with our experts, we’d love to help.

Revenue from Organic Search:

Revenue from Organic Search

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