We had worked with our medical sector client for a number of years and seen some excellent growth in rankings, search visibility and enquiries. We were, however, concerned that their website was looking a little dated and was not mobile friendly. Recognising the potential for huge growth in mobile traffic, and seeing that our clients demographic was likely to be a big user of mobile devices, we advised our client in the autumn of 2013 to update to a mobile friendly, responsive site. The old site was built in Drupal but we believed that WordPress would offer a more user friendly experience and having looked at a number of options our client decided on switching to a new responsive WordPress site. We also advised that they switch to HTTPS at the same time, to kill two birds with one stone. We decided to move the site over to the new platform in August, as it’s a key holiday period for many people and was typically a quiet time for our client. We advised on a total restructure of the site and content and implemented a large number of redirects to mitigate the damage of loss of their key ranking pages. Although there were one of two teething difficulties and the site did lose a little momentum in August and September, by October the site was seeing strong growth and finished 2014 nearly 50% up in traffic and saw growth in 2015 of 93%.  

2014 – Strong Growth after Site Move and 50% Increase in Traffic


2015 – 93% Increase in Traffic