We were approached back in November 2013 by a client in the Hair and Beauty Industry with a brief to improve their rankings and growth. They had employed a well-known digital agency from the North East to handle their PPC & SEO but had been unhappy with the results and costs incurred and were a little nervous of AdWords and PPC in general as a consequence.

We recognised the huge potential that PPC could achieve for the business and encouraged the company to invest in a small scale campaign that could be built upon once an efficient, cost effective and profitable model had been established. Our geeky Google Shopping Specialists were particularly excited about the potential for Google Shopping with the client’s large product range.

The challenge was to correctly target products and brands, which had a combination of strong sales potential, good conversion rates and decent profitability.

Targeted campaigns were built based on categories, products and brands and these were optimised continually to deliver better results.

During the course of the Shopping campaign to date, we are seeing an average annual 28% increase in clicks, a 15% increase in the conversion rate, a 42% increase in orders, and a 55% increase in revenue.

Our Account Manager, Sophie comments “the secret of success for this campaign has been to carefully plan how the account would be structured and then continually refine and optimise the campaigns, whilst maintaining strong two way communication with the client to ensure we achieve their objectives and deliver optimum profitability”.