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As founder and managing director of the company, Peter has a strong, all-consuming passion for digital marketing and delivering results for clients.

Prior to establishing Zelst Ltd in 2005, he spent six years developing a successful online florist business, which grew and blossomed through the DotCom bubble of the late nineties and early 2000s. With a wealth of experience behind him, he set about helping other businesses grow and flourish online.

Peter has an MBA with distinction from Leeds University Business School, is Google and Bing Certified and takes boring to a whole new level, with a wit and sparkling conversation that has been proven to cure insomnia in nine out of ten cases. A father, dog owner and Leeds United supporter, Peter spends his weekends walking and vainly attempting to train his dog, operating a taxi service for his three daughters and sharing in the triumphs (and occasional failures) of his favourite football team.


Digital Doctor Surgery and Q&A January 2019

The First Digital Doctor Surgery of 2019 focused on the theme of The Google Medic Update, 5 Months on. We asked for questions related to the Google August Update, also known as the Medic or E-A-T update and were delighted to receive a number of really interesting...

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